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NAME -	Send usage information to the ZoneMinder development

SYNOPSIS [--force] [--help] [--show] [--interval=seconds]	[--version]

       This script collects usage information of the local system and sends it
       to the ZoneMinder development team. This	data will be used to determine
       things like who and where our customers are, how	big their systems are,
       the underlying hardware and operating system, etc. This is being	done
       for the sole purpoase of	creating a better product for our target
       audience. This script is	intended to be completely transparent to the
       end user, and can be disabled from the web console under	Options.

	--force	       Force the script	to upload it's data instead of waiting
		       for the defined interval	since last upload.
	--help	       Display usage information
	--show	       Displays	telemetry data that is sent to zoneminder
	--interval     Override	the default configured interval	since last upload.
		       The value should	be given in seconds, but can be	an expression
		       such as 24*60*60.
	--version      Output the version of ZoneMinder.

--stderr			  2020-08-31


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