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ZFS-MOUNT(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		  ZFS-MOUNT(8)

     zfs-mount -- manage mount state of	ZFS filesystems

     zfs mount
     zfs mount [-Oflv] [-o options] -a|filesystem
     zfs unmount [-fu] -a|filesystem|mountpoint

     zfs mount
       Displays	all ZFS	file systems currently mounted.

     zfs mount [-Oflv] [-o options] -a|filesystem
       Mount ZFS filesystem on a path described	by its mountpoint property, if
       the path	exists and is empty.  If mountpoint is set to legacy, the
       filesystem should be instead mounted using mount(8).

       -O  Perform an overlay mount.  Allows mounting in non-empty mountpoint.
	   See mount(8)	for more information.

       -a  Mount all available ZFS file	systems.  Invoked automatically	as
	   part	of the boot process if configured.

	   Mount the specified filesystem.

       -o options
	   An optional,	comma-separated	list of	mount options to use temporar-
	   ily for the duration	of the mount.  See the Temporary Mount Point
	   Properties section of zfsprops(7) for details.

       -l  Load	keys for encrypted filesystems as they are being mounted.
	   This	is equivalent to executing zfs load-key	on each	encryption
	   root	before mounting	it.  Note that if a filesystem has
	   keylocation=prompt, this will cause the terminal to interactively
	   block after asking for the key.

       -v  Report mount	progress.

       -f  Attempt to force mounting of	all filesystems, even those that
	   couldn't normally be	mounted	(e.g. redacted datasets).

     zfs unmount [-fu] -a|filesystem|mountpoint
       Unmounts	currently mounted ZFS file systems.

       -a  Unmount all available ZFS file systems.  Invoked automatically as
	   part	of the shutdown	process.

       -f  Forcefully unmount the file system, even if it is currently in use.
	   This	option is not supported	on Linux.

       -u  Unload keys for any encryption roots	unmounted by this command.

	   Unmount the specified filesystem.  The command can also be given a
	   path	to a ZFS file system mount point on the	system.

FreeBSD	13.0		       February	16, 2019		  FreeBSD 13.0


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