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ZC3XX(4)	       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		      ZC3XX(4)

     zc3xx -- zc3xx webcamd driver for USB cameras


     The zc3xx driver supports USB cameras based on the	Z-Star ZC301, ZC302P,
     and Vimicro VC30X chipsets. This is the GSPCA version of the driver.

     Devices using the zc3xx driver become available to	other applications
     once webcamd(8) is	loaded.

     The zc3xx driver should work with the following USB cameras. The
     usbconfig(8) command can be used to determine the VendorID:ProductID of a
     plugged in	USB device.

     VendorID:ProductID			 Device
     041e:041e				 Creative WebCam Live!
     041e:4017				 Creative Webcam Mobile	PD1090
     041e:401c				 Creative NX
     041e:401e				 Creative Nx Pro
     041e:401f				 Creative Webcam Notebook PD1171
     041e:4022				 Creative Webcam NX Pro
     041e:4029				 Creative WebCam Vista Pro
     041e:4034				 Creative Instant P0620
     041e:4035				 Creative Instant P0620D
     041e:4036				 Creative Live!
     041e:403a				 Creative Nx Pro 2
     041e:4051				 Creative Live!Cam Notebook Pro	VF0250
     041e:4053				 Creative Live!Cam Video IM
     0458:7007				 Genius	VideoCam V2
     0458:700c				 Genius	VideoCam V3
     0458:700f				 Genius	VideoCam Web V2
     0461:0a00				 MicroInnovation WebCam320
     046d:089d				 Logitech QuickCam E2500
     046d:08a0				 Logitech QC IM
     046d:08a1				 Logitech QC IM	0x08A1 +sound
     046d:08a2				 Labtec	Webcam Pro
     046d:08a3				 Logitech QC Chat
     046d:08a6				 Logitech QCim
     046d:08a7				 Logitech QuickCam Image
     046d:08a9				 Logitech Notebook Deluxe
     046d:08aa				 Labtec	Webcam Notebook
     046d:08ac				 Logitech QuickCam Cool
     046d:08ad				 Logitech QCCommunicate	STX
     046d:08ae				 Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks
     046d:08af				 Logitech QuickCam Cool
     046d:08b9				 Logitech QuickCam Express
     046d:08d7				 Logitech QCam STX
     046d:08d8				 Logitech Notebook Deluxe
     046d:08d9				 Logitech QuickCam IM/Connect
     046d:08da				 Logitech QuickCam Messenger
     046d:08dd				 Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks
     0471:0325				 Philips SPC 200 NC
     0471:0326				 Philips SPC 300 NC
     0471:032d				 Philips SPC 210 NC
     0471:032e				 Philips SPC 315 NC
     055f:c005				 Mustek	Wcam300A
     055f:d003				 Mustek	WCam300A
     055f:d004				 Mustek	WCam300	AN
     0698:2003				 CTX M730V built in
     0ac8:0302				 Z-star	Vimicro	zc0302
     0ac8:301b				 Z-Star	zc301b
     0ac8:303b				 Vimicro 0x303b
     0ac8:305b				 Z-star	Vimicro	zc0305b
     0ac8:307b				 PC Camera (ZS0211)
     10fd:0128				 Typhoon Webshot II USB	300k
     10fd:804d				 Typhoon Webshot II
     10fd:8050				 Logitech QuickCam

     a800(4), af9005(4), af9015(4), anysee(4), au0828(4), au6610(4), b2c2(4),
     benq(4), ce6230(4), cinergy(4), conex(4), cpiax(4), cxusb(4), dib0700(4),
     digitv(4),	dtt200u(4), dtv5100(4),	dw2102(4), ec168(4), em28xx(4),
     et61x251(4), finepix(4), friio(4),	gl860(4), gl861(4), gp8psk(4),
     hdpvr(4), ibmcam(4), jeilinj(4), m5602(4),	m920x(4), mars(4), mr800(4),
     mr97310a(4), nova-t(4), opera1(4),	ov519(4), ov534(4), pacxxx(4),
     pvrusb2(4), pwcusb(4), s2255(4), se401(4),	siano(4), sn9c102(4),
     sn9c20x(4), sonixj(4), spca5xx(4),	sq905c(4), stk014(4), stv06xx(4),
     sunplus(4), t613(4), ttusb2(4), tv8532(4),	umt(4),	usbvision(4), uvc(4),
     vc032x(4),	vp702x(4), vp7045(4), zr364xx(4), webcamd(8)

     The original zc3xx	driver was written by Jean-Francois Moine and	Serge A. Suchkov for the
     Video4Linux project. It was ported	to the FreeBSD webcamd port by Hans
     Petter Selasky  This	man page was written by	Dru

FreeBSD				  Dec 3, 2010			       FreeBSD


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