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XV(1)			    General Commands Manual			 XV(1)

       xv - interactive	image display for the X	Window System

       xv [options] [filename[filename...]]

       The  xv	program	 displays images on workstations and terminals running
       the X Window System, Version 11.	 Supported image formats include  PBM,
       PGM,  PPM,  X11	bitmap,	 XWD, XPM, Utah	Raster Toolkit RLE, PDS/VICAR,
       FITS, Sun Rasterfile, GIF, PCX, Targa/TGA, BMP, WBMP, IRIS  RGB,	 Spec-
       trum SCREEN$, PM, and optionally	PNG, JPEG, JPEG	2000, JP2, TIFF, Post-
       Script, PDF, G3 fax, MAG, PIC, MAKI (640x400), PI, and PIC2.

       Aside from the usage screen (available by typing	'xv -help' at the com-
       mand  line),  documentation  for	 XV is now distributed only as a Post-
       Script (or PDF) file, as	it has gotten enormous and is no  longer  very
       well  suited  to	 the  'man' page format.  Print	a copy of the (100-ish
       page) manual found in docs/  If you are  unable  to  get  the
       manual to print on your printer,	you may	purchase a printed copy	of the
       XV manual.  Click on 'About XV' in the program to get further  informa-

       If  you	don't  have the	PostScript file, it is part of the standard XV
       distribution,  the  latest  version  of	which  can  be	obtained  from  or  via anonymous ftp	from
       in the directory	pub/xv .

       This version has	been patched with the XV Jumbo Patches,	available from

       John Bradley (and many contributors)

Rev. 3.10a-jumboFix+Enh		 22 April 2007				 XV(1)


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