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xtp_parallel(1)		    General Commands Manual	       xtp_parallel(1)

       xtp_parallel - Part of the VOTCA	package

       For more	info please visit

       xtp_parallel [OPTION] [ARGUMENT]

       Runs job-based heavy-duty calculators

       -h [ --help ]
		display	this help and exit

		be loud	and noisy

		be very	loud and noisy

       -v [ --verbose2 ]
		be extremly loud and noisy

       -o [ --options ]	arg
		calculator options

       -f [ --file ] arg
		hdf5 state file, *.hdf5

       -i [ --first-frame ] arg	(=0)
		start from this	frame

       -n [ --nframes ]	arg (=1)
		number of frames to process

       -t [ --nthreads ] arg (=1)
		number of threads to create

       -p [ --ompthreads ] arg (=1)
		number of openmp threads to create in each thread

       -s [ --save ] arg (=1)
		whether	or not to save changes to state	file

       -r [ --restart ]	arg
		restart	pattern: 'host(pc1:234)	stat(FAILED)'

       -c [ --cache ] arg (=8)
		assigns	jobs in	blocks of this size

       -j [ --jobs ] arg (=run)
		task(s)	to perform: write, run,	read

       -m [ --maxjobs ]	arg (=-1)
		maximum	number of jobs to process (-1 =	inf)

       -e [ --execute ]	arg
	      Name of calculator to run

       -l [ --list ]
	      Lists all	available calculators

       -d [ --description ] arg
	      Short description	of a calculator

		output man-formatted manual pages

		output tex-formatted manual pages

       Written and maintained by the VOTCA Development Team <>

       Copyright 2009-2020 The VOTCA Development Team (

       Licensed	 under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License") you may
       not use this file except	in compliance with the License.	You may	obtain
       a copy of the License at

       Unless  required	 by  applicable	 law or	agreed to in writing, software
       distributed under the License is	distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITH-
       OUT  WARRANTIES	OR  CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
       See the License for the specific	 language  governing  permissions  and
       limitations under the License.

Version:						       xtp_parallel(1)


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