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standards(5)		      File Formats Manual		  standards(5)

       standards, xpg4 - standards and specifications supported	by Solaris

       Solaris 2.5 supports the	following standards and	specifications:

       XPG4	 The  X/Open  Portability  Guide, Issue	4 (XPG4) specification
		 contains internationalized  utilities,	 headers,  and	inter-

		 If the	behavior required by XPG4 utilities conflicts with ex-
		 isting	Solaris	behavior, the original Solaris version is  not
		 changed.  Rather, a new version that is XPG4-compliant	can be
		 found	in  /usr/xpg4/bin.   Therefore,	  when	 setting   the
		 PATH (sh or ksh)   or	 path (csh)   environment   variables,
		 /usr/xpg4/bin should precede any other	directories  in	 which
		 XPG4	utilities   are	  found,   such	  as  /usr/bin,	 /bin,
		 /usr/ucb and /usr/ccs/bin for applications that want to  take
		 advantage  of	XPG4 features.	Note that XPG4 includes	all of
		 the  utilities	 in  IEEE  Std	1003.2-1992   and   IEEE   Std
		 1003.2a-1992 (together, commonly called POSIX.2).

		 An   XPG4-compliant   implementation  must  include  an  ANSI
		 X3.159-1989 (ANSI C Language) standard	conforming compilation
		 system	 and the cc and	c89 utilities.	Solaris	2.5 was	tested
		 with the cc and c89 utilities and the compilation  system  in
		 the  SPROcc  package  provided	by SPARCompilertm C 4.0	in the
		 SPARC environment and ProCompilertm  3.0.1  (it  is  expected
		 that  a  patch	will be	needed for the 2.5 FCS release)	in the
		 x86 environment.  As specified	by XPG4, applications must de-
		 fine  the _XOPEN_VERSION macro	to have	value 4	before includ-
		 ing any headers specified by XPG4 to get the features	speci-
		 fied  by  XPG4.   When	 cc  is	 used  to  link	 applications,
		 /usr/ccs/lib/values-xpg4.o must be specified on any link/load
		 command line.

				  28 Jul 1995			  standards(5)


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