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xotclsh(1)		    Command-line interface		    xotclsh(1)


       xotclsh - Simple	shell containing NSF/XOTcl2 interpreter

       xotclsh ?fileName?


       xotclsh ?fileName?
	      xotclsh  is  a  shell-like application that reads	XOTcl2 and Tcl
	      commands from its	standard input or from fileName	and  evaluates
	      them.   If  invoked without fileName, then it runs in REPL mode,
	      reading commands from standard input and	printing  command  re-
	      sults  and error messages	to standard output.  It	runs until the
	      exit command is invoked or until it reaches end-of-file  on  its
	      standard input.

	      xotclsh  can  be used like tclsh to make XOTcl2 scripts directly
	      invokable	from the shell,	by providing the following first  line
	      ("shebang") in the respective script:

		#! /usr/bin/env	xotclsh

	      A	(more portable)	alternative is:

		#! /bin/sh
		# the next line	restarts using xotclsh \
		    exec xotclsh "$0" "$@"

       Copyright (c) 2014 Stefan Sobernig <>, Gustaf Neumann <>;	available under	the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Austria license (CC BY 3.0	AT).

xotclsh				     2.3.0			    xotclsh(1)


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