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XMMIX(1)		    General Commands Manual		      XMMIX(1)

       xmmix - Audio mixer utility for X11/Motif

       xmmix  [toolkitoption  ...] [-dev device] [-autoload path] [-exitreset]
       [-debug]	[-demo]

       Xmmix is	a program that allows the use of  the  mixer  section  of  the
       sound  card  hardware  supported	by the VoxWare driver.	See the	README
       file in the xmmix distribution for further information about VoxWare.

       There are up to ten input level sliders (Synth,	PCM,  Alt  PCM,	 Line,
       Line-1,	Line-2,	 Line-3,  Mic, CD) and up to four output level sliders
       (Rec Mon, Rec Out, Speaker and Master).	The Input Gain control,	Output
       Gain  control, Bass and Treble tone control sliders are also available.
       Each of the level sliders include a "lock" toggle button	 which	allows
       the settings of the two stereo channels to be changed simultaneously or
       independently.  The input controls also include a "rec"	button	(where
       applicable),  which  allows  the	 input	sources	 to  be	 selected  for
       recording.  The tone control sliders have a "Flat" button which	causes
       these  controls	to  revert  to the center setting.  In addition, these
       controls	are available:	a  "Mute"  button  to  silence	the  audio,  a
       "Loudness"  button  to  engage  frequency response compensation,	and an
       "Stereo Enhance"	button to set the stereo separation enhancement.

       Xmmix queries the capabilities of the sound board during	start-up,  and
       will  only display controls corresponding to features that are actually
       implemented in the hardware.

       The various controls in the xmmix main window  are  meant  to  be  self
       explanatory.   Additional  features  include  the ability to save mixer
       settings	in a file and load it at a  later  time.   A  "Reset"  feature
       resets all controls to their start-up settings.

       While  the  use of a mouse is natural with xmmix, all functionality can
       also be operated	via the	keyboard.   This  is  in  conformance  to  the
       guidelines  published  in  the  OSF/Motif  Style	 Guide	from  the Open
       Software	Foundation.

       All standard Xt Intrinsics toolkit options are supported.  In addition,
       xmmix supports the following options:

       -dev device
	      Specifies	the path name to the raw mixer device.	If this	option
	      is not used, the default device used is /dev/mixer.

       -autoload path
	      Specifies	the path  name	to  a  mixer  settings	file  that  is
	      automatically loaded when	xmmix starts.  This forces all control
	      settings to those	specified in the file.	If this	option is  not
	      used,  then  the control settings	will be	queried	from the mixer
	      hardware	   itself.	This	 option	    overrides	   the
	      XMmix*autoLoadOnStartUp X	resource.

	      Causes  all mixer	controls to reset to their start-up state when
	      xmmix is exiting.	 This option overrides the XMmix*resetOnExit X

       -debug Causes verbose debugging diagnostics to be printed on stderr.

       -demo  Invokes  xmmix in	"demo" mode.  This causes xmmix	to display all
	      controls as if  they  are	 functional,  but  does	 not  actually
	      operate the sound	hardware.

       Xmmix  has  many	adjustable X resources to customize its	look and feel,
       as well as its  behavior.   Notably,  the  colors  of  virtually	 every
       feature on xmmix's windows can be changed, as well as the text fonts.

       The  resource  names and	their defaults can be found in the LIBDIR/app-
       defaults/XMmix file (where LIBDIR is typically  /usr/lib/X11).	It  is
       not recommended that you	change values in the LIBDIR/app-defaults/XMmix
       file, unless you	want the changes to be forced upon all users of	 xmmix
       on  the	system.	 Instead, make a copy of this file, change the copy as
       you see fit, then  place	 it  in	 your  home  directory.	  Your	custom
       resource	 settings  will	 then  override	 the  defaults	when  xmmix is
       subsequently started.   Alternatively,  you  may	 also  place  specific
       resources  you  wish  to	 override  in the .Xdefaults file in your home


       Ti Kan (
       AMB Research Laboratories, Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.A.

       Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome.

v1.2				 14 July 1996			      XMMIX(1)


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