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XMINE(6)			 Games Manual			      XMINE(6)

       xmine - identify	mines in a mine	field without getting blown up


       xmine  is  an X11-based version of the popular PC game Minesweeper. The
       object is to place flags	on mines on the	game  board  without  exposing
       them.   If you expose a mine, it	"explodes" and the game	ends.  Exposed
       mines appear as black capital "M" characters.

       To begin, click the first mouse button anywhere on the field.  A	series
       of  numbers will	be revealed.  The number in each square	corresponds to
       the number of mines  that  border  that	square,	 including  diagonals.
       Squares that do not border mines	are empty.

       Once  you  have	determined the location	of a mine, flag	it by clicking
       with the	third mouse button.  Flags appear as  capital  "X"  characters
       which  are  red	on color displays.  Once you have marked all the mines
       surrounding a number, click the middle mouse button to reveal the  con-
       tents  of  the un-mined squares surrounding it.	If you flag a mine in-
       correctly and force an unflagged	mine to	be revealed, the game ends.

       The number at the top left of the game board  displays  the  number  of
       mines left for you to identify.	At the top right is a timer that indi-
       cates the number	of seconds for which the game has been running.	  High
       scores are achieved by having the fastest time for a skill level.

       There are four levels of	game play: beginner, intermediate, expert, and
       custom, set using the Game menu.	 For each level, the number  of	 mines
       and the size of the board increase:

	    has	10 mines in an 8x8 board.

	    has	40 mines in a 16x16 board.

	    has	99 mines in a 16x39 board.

	    allows  you	 to  specify  your  own	board dimensions and number of

       If you choose Marks [?] from the	Game  menu,  you  may  place  question
       marks  on  squares  by clicking twice with the third mouse button.  Al-
       though they may be helpful for deducing the location of mines, they are
       not  treated as flagged mines when you click with the middle mouse but-
       ton on a	numbered square.

       Paul Falstad
       Manual entry written by Linda Branagan.



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