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XMASCOT(1)		    General Commands Manual		    XMASCOT(1)

       XMascot - A Pretty Mascot on X Window System

       xmascot [filename] [-toolkitoption ...] [-option	...]

       XMascot	is  a program to show a	pretty Mascot on your X	Window System.
       XMascot have these features:

       Swing	 Swing on display prettily.

       Stretch	 Chain's length	become longer and shorter as you like.

       Speak	 Speeking some sounds(needs sound's file and playing command)

       Alarm	 It can	caused a action	on specific time.

       BIFF	 It can	work as	BIFF (mail checker)

       Basic Operations	are...

       on PIN window:	   Left	button Drag: Move position.

			   Right button	Click: Popup menu.

       on Mascot window:   Left	Button Click: accelerate mascot	moving.

			   Left	button Drag: Change chain's length.

			   Right button	Click: Clicking	Sound.

       on Mail arrived maek window:
			   Left	Button Click: Popup Mail list window.

       XMascot	has  various  Alarm  facility.	 These	alarms	can  set  from
       Alarm/Chime menu.

       Setup Display:

	---a---	--b-- ----------c----------- --d---
	(*^o^*)	00:00 sound(     [TEST]

       a.  Trigger this	switch ON(Black) to valid setup.

       b.  Time	 setup(24hour  display	hour:min ).  Only timer	alarm, min:sec

       c.  Setting actions.  refer ACTIONS to know detail.

       d.  Alarm test switch.

	   The datas setted by this menu are save to $HOME/.xmascotrc.

       About alarms:

       Daily Alarm	   Act on constant time	on Everyday. Ther are 3.

       Timer Alarm	   Act some times after. Formats: min:sec

       Interval	Timer	   Act periodic	timer.

       Hour Chime	   Chime on every hour's 0 min.

       Half-Hour Chime	   Chime on everu hour's 30 min.

       Biff Action	   Not Alarm. for BIFF action setting.

       XMascot has a feature of	BIFF (mail checker)  youbin  command  is  sup-

       Normaly,	 XMascot  check	 your mail spool.  It can setup	to call	extern
       command to chack	mail by	option -biffcmd	.

       Return Values of	extern command:

       1 or negative value:
		 Mail box is empty.

       Zero	 New mail comes.

       2	 no change state.

       when calling extern command, Mail List shows  that  command's  standard

       XMascot has X Toolkit standard options and belows:

       Transparent color is normally setted automatically.

       -verbose		   Verbose mode.

       -gravity	n	   Set Gravity.	Unit: kg cm/s^2

       -chainlength n	   Set Chain length. Unit: mm

       -damping	f	   Set	damping	 coefficient.  from 0 to 1 real	value.
			   0: never damp. 1: never swing.

       -degree n	   Set starting	degree (from 0 to 180 degree)

       -menuno n	   Set starting	menu No.

       -no n		   Set starting	Mascot No.

       -magnify	f	   Set Mascot's	Magnify.

       -pinpat filename	   Set Pin's graphics pattern.

       -random		   Select Mascoot random when startup.

       -changetime min	   Change  mascot  periodic.(UNIT:min)	Change	random
			   when	using with -random.

       -allmenu		   ChangeMascot	changing effects to all	menu.

       -chainnum n	   Set chain's number.

       -drawtiming n	   Draw	pattern	once per n times.

       -searchpath search-path
			   Set Mascot/Sounds data search path.

       -chainpat filename  Set chain's graphics	pattern.

       -soundcmd cmdline   Set	sounds	playing	 command.  "%s"	is replaced to
			   sound's filename.  For Exam.	"cat %s	> /dev/audio"

       -soundstart file	   Set stating sound file.

       -soundclick file	   Set clicking	sound file.

       -soundend file	   Set ending sound file.  Set ending sound file.

       -soundmail file	   Set mail arrived sound file.

       -nobiff		   Don't use BIFF feature.  -update sec	Specifies  the
			   frequency  to  check	 mail's	 arriving.  Unit: sec.
			   (default 30sec)

       -noonce		   Do action on	every  mail  arriving.	 (on  default,
			   Only	a action when first mail comes.)

       -biffcmd	cmd	   Set mail checing command.

       -biffpat	fname	   Set mail coming mark	graphics pattern.

       -biffpos	str	   Set	which  position	mail mark display. on Mascot's

       -nobifflists	   Don't show arrived mail list.

       -biffgeometry geom  Set Mail List's geometry.

       -bifffilter cmd	   Set Filter command that invoked before disp	Mail's

       -popdowntime sec	   Set	popuping time of Mail's	list.  Negative	value:
			   never popdown automatic.

       -noyoubin	   Don't use YOUBIN command.

       -server host	   Set YOUBIN servername.

       -shadow n	   Set shadow width.

       -noshadow	   Don't disp shadow.

       XMascot has meny	actions	that are caused	by alarm and BIFF.

       This is from .B X Toolkit 's actions feature.  So actions can  bind  to
       keyboard	and mouse.

       translation name:

       on PIn's	window
		      XMascot.translations: #override

       on Mascot's window
		      XMascot.mascot_base.translations:	#override

	XMascot.translations: #override	\
	  <Btn2Up>: chg_next() snd_click()\n\
	  Shift<Key>R: chg_random() snd_click()

       On  this	example,As click on PIN	winndow, Mascot	changes	to next	mascot
       on menu and play	starting-sound.	 and  input  Shift-R  caused  Changing
       mascot random and play clicking sound.

       Please refer Xtoolkit's manual about actions.

       To  use	actions	 by Alarm, input actions in Alarm dialogs.  This setup
       are saved to $HOME/.xmascotrc .

       Action's	List.

       quit    Terminate program.

	       Change mascot to	No num .

	       read file fname as Mascot.

	       Change mascot to	next entry of menu.

	       Change mascot to	netxt entry with all menus.

	       Change mascot random.

	       Change mascot random with all menus.

	       Push mascot little. Start swinging if mascot was	stopping.

	       Play sound file continue.

	       Play starting sound.

	       Play clicking sound.

       snd_end Play ending sound.

	       Play mail arriving sound.

	       Execute extern command.

	       Change parameter.

	       grav Gravity

	       dump Damping coefficient.

	       mag  Magnify

	       clen Chain length

	       Beep Bell. This is XBell	and no	related	 USE_SOUND  option  on
	       compiling.  param  's  range:  from -100	to 100 refer manual of

	       Show arrived mail's list.

       XMascot can use X Toolkit standatrd resource and	belows:

       verbose (class Verbose)
	       Verbose mode.

       gravity (class Gravity)
	       Set Gravity.

       chainLen	(class ChainLen)
	       Set Chain Length.

       dampCoeff (class	DampCoeff)
	       Set damping coefficient.

       degree (class Degree)
	       Set starting degree.

       magnifyBase (class MagnifyBase)
	       Set magnify for All mascots.

       action (class Action)
	       Set default actions.

       search (class Search)
	       Set default search-path.

       pinPattern (class Pattern)
	       Set Pin's graphics pattern.

       pcol0 (class Col0)
	       Set Pin's transparent color.(INDEX)

       prgb0 (class Rgb0)
	       Set Pin's transparent color.(RGB)

       chainNum	(class ChainNum)
	       Set chain's number.

       chainPattern (class Pattern)
	       Set chain's graphics pattern.

       ccol0 (class Col0)
	       Set chain's transparent color.(INDEX)

       crgb0 (class Rgb0)
	       Set chain's transparent color.(RGB)

       random (class Random)
	       Change mascot random.

       changeTime (class Interval)
	       Set a interval to change	mascot.

       allMenu (class AllMenu)
	       Mascot changing effects to all menu.

       mascotNo	(class MascotNo)
	       Set startup mascot No.

       menuNo (class MenuNo)
	       Set startup menu	No.

       shadow (class Shadow)
	       Set shadow's width.  0 means no shadow.

       Biff RESOURCES

       biff (class Biff)
	       biff feature ON/OFF

       biffOnce	(class BiffOnce)
	       biff actions only Mail first comes.

       update (class  XtCInterval)
	       Specifies the frequency to check	mail's arriving.

       biffCmd (class BiffCmd)
	       Set a command to	check mail comes.

       biffAction (class BiffAction)
	       Set default biff	actions.

       biffPattern (class Pattern)
	       Set graphics pattern of Mail coming mark.

       bcol0 (class Col0)
	       Set transparent color of	biff mark.(INDEX)

       brgb0 (class Rgb0)
	       Set transparent color of	biff mark.(RGB)

       biffFilter (class BiffFilter)
	       Set fillter command for Coming mail's list.

       biffPopdown (class  XtCInterval)
	       Set auto-popdown	time of	Mail's	list.	(Negative  Value:Don't
	       popdown automatic. 0:Never Popup)

       youbin (class  Youbin)
	       Set if use YOUBIN command or not.

       server (class  Server)
	       Set YOUBIN servername


       soundCommand (class SoundCommand)
	       Set SOUND's play	command.

       Menu's RESOURCES

       Menu's  resource	 start after menu?.masDat?...  Fill ?, Menu NUMBER and
       Mascot NUMBER.

       like this: menu0.masDat0.title: My Mascot

       menusNum	(class MenusNum)
	       Set menu	set's number.

       numsOfMenu (class NumsOfMenu)
	       Set Mascot No on	a menu.

       masDat?.title (class Title)
	       Set Mascot's name.

       masDat?.filename	(class Patterne)
	       Set Mascot pattern's filename.

       masDat?.col0 (class Col0)
	       Set Mascot's transparent	color.(INDEX)

       masDat?.rgb0 (class Rgb0)
	       Set Mascot's transparent	color.(RGB)

       masDat?.magnify (class Magnify)
	       Set Mascot's magnify.

       masDat?.startSnd	(class StartSnd)
	       Set Mascot's starting sound.

       masDat?.clickSnd	(class ClickSnd)
	       Set Mascot's clicking sound.

       masDat?.endSnd (class EndSnd)
	       Set Mascot's ending sound.

       masDat?.mailSnd (class MailSnd)
	       Set Mascot's mail arriving sound.

       masDat?.biffPos (class BiffPos)
	       Set Mail	mark's position.

       $HOME/.xmascotrc	   Save	alarm time etc.

       Parameter's range isn't checked.

       Go Watanabe(Toyohashi Univ. of Tech. Computer Club) Main	Programmer

       Tsuyoshi	Iida(TUT Computer Club)	Graphics Loader	Unit, etc.

       Yasuhito	Makino(TUT Computer Club) Mascot design.


X Version 11			  10 Aug 1997			    XMASCOT(1)


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