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xfs_irecover(8)			    hxtools		       xfs_irecover(8)

       xfs_irecover -- recover deleted inodes from XFS filesystems

       xfs_irecover [-n] [-N max_inodes] [-r start_inode] [-s size_cutoff] [-t
       size_threshold] -D device -o output_dir

       xfs_irecover scans the given block device for XFS inodes	 and  extracts
       them.   Since  most filesystems do not zero the actual data, but	merely
       mark it unused after it has been	deleted, recovery is usually  possible
       while  the data has not been overwritten. A set of heuristics, control-
       lable via options, determines which inodes are to  be  considered  con-
       taining nonsensical data	and ignore those.

       -D device
	      The  block device	or other plain file to scan. Pipes and sockets
	      are not supported, as xfs_irecover makes use of seeking.

       -N max_inodes
	      Sets the maximum number of inodes	to  scan.  This	 is  generally
	      used for debug.  The default is the amount of inodes that	xfs_db
	      reports for the filesystem.

       -n     Dry run. Do not write any	extracted inodes to the	target	direc-

       -r start_inode
	      Specifies	at which inode xfs_recover shall start.	This is	gener-
	      ally used	for debug, or to restart a previously aborted xfs_ire-
	      cover. The default is 0 (start of	device).

       -s size_cutoff
	      Inodes  that have	a recorded file	size above this	limit are con-
	      sidered to have been overwritten in some way already,  and  will
	      be ignored during	extraction.  The default is 1 GB.

       -t size_threshold
	      It  can  occur  that  an	inode has a recorded file size that is
	      smaller than the size of the extent blocks. If the recorded size
	      is  smaller  than	 size_threshold, all extents will be extracted
	      and the file not	be  truncated  to  the	recorded  size.	 (This
	      heuristic	is for when the	recorded file size is believed to have
	      been trashed.) Good values are in	the range of  4096-65536.  The
	      default  is  0,  meaning	files  will always be truncated	to the
	      recorded size.

       xfs_irecover currently extracts inodes only, so filenames will  not  be
       extracted.  In-use bitmaps are ignored (they most likely	are trashed or
       already cleaned), as this tool searches for the real  lost  or  cleared
       inodes  (even  the intentionally	deleted	ones way before	a recovery was

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hxtools				  2008-12-29		       xfs_irecover(8)

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