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XCDPLAYER(1)		    General Commands Manual		  XCDPLAYER(1)

       xcdplayer - X window system interface to	run the	sun or sgi cdrom drive
       as a typical audio CD player.

       xcdplayer [ -toolkitoption ... ]	[-xcdplayeroption ... ]

       Xcdplayer is a graphical	user interface for controlling the Sun or  SGI
       cdrom drive under the X Window System.  It provides visual feedback and
       gives the user facilities for mode selection, device control, scanning,
       and programming.

       Xcdplayer  allows previously stored cd title and	program	information to
       be read from a specified	 directory  and	 loaded	 into  the  player  on
       startup	or at disc changes.  This directory can	be specified either on
       the command line, by using the -cdInfoDir option, by using a customized
       personal	 resource  file, or by setting the environment variable	XCDIN-
       FODIR.  If no directory is specified by any of these methods, xcdplayer
       looks in	the current directory.

       Xcdplayer  accepts  all	of the standard	X Toolkit command line options
       (see X(1)), plus	the following xcdplayer	specific options:

       -debug	   Displays debugging messages as the tool runs.

       -device	   CDROM device	to use (useful for systems with	multiple CDROM

       -volBase	   Bottom  of  volume  scale for player	[range 0-255] (default

       -volPcent   Ratio of volume change [range 0..255] to percent of scroll-
		   bar	shown  (default	.267).	This value is used in conjunc-
		   tion	with the volBase parameter.

       -cdInfoDir  Specifies which directory should be used  for  storing  and
		   looking up CD information.

       Xcdplayer contains the following	subwindows:

       Title Window	   Displays the	title of the CD	(if stored or entered)
			   corresponding to the	CD currently in	the CD player.

       Program Window	   Brought up on press of  the	program	 button,  this
			   panel  contains  a  viewport	displaying the current
			   selected program, option buttons, and track	selec-
			   tion	 buttons.   The	 program  window  (and program
			   mode) are dismissed via the Cancel button.

   Main	Commands
       play	      Enter play mode.

       pause	      Pause play.  Activating this button  has	an  effect  on
		      program selection.

       stop	      Stop disc	and reset to beginning.

       prev	      Go  back	either	to the beginning of the	previous track
		      (or start	of current track if more than  replayThreshold
		      seconds  have elapsed); if in program mode, go to	previ-
		      ous selection in program.

       next	      Go to beginning of next track; if	in program mode, go to
		      next program selection.

       eject	      Eject the	disc. Resets all modes.

       audio	      Toggle the audio output if possible.  It will default to
		      the best quality audio available (SGI only).

       quit	      Exit xcdplayer.  (Leaves disc in last set	state.

       cycle	      Cycle the	disc.  If in shuffle mode, reshuffle will  oc-
		      cur  at  end of current shuffle; if in program mode, the
		      program will replay.

       shuffle	      Select all of the	tracks in random order.	  This	button
		      has  no  effect unless play mode is not active, and is a
		      toggle to	program	mode.

       rewind	      Rewind the disc.	If held	down, will continue rewinding.
		      Scan  skip  amount  and pause interval between skips are
		      controlled by the	resources scanSkipInterval  and	 scan-
		      PauseInterval.   If  the disc is paused, it will skip by
		      the ammount specifed by pauseSkipInterval.

       fast-forward   Analogous	to rewind.

       program	      Enter program mode.  If paused, add  current  track  (if
		      not 0) to	program.  Brings up program subwindow.

   Program Commands
       Selections	   Selections displayed	in the viewport	of the program
			   subwindow can be clicked on,	and  clicking  on  the
			   currently  selected	track deletes it from the pro-
			   gram.  The highlighted selection indicates the cur-
			   rent	insert/delete point in the program, and	if the
			   CD is paused, clicking on  a	 selection  moves  the
			   program play	point to that selection.

			   Selections  can  be	added to the program either by
			   clicking on the track buttons on the	program	 form,
			   or by using the forward and previous	buttons	on the
			   main	form while paused, and then clicking the  pro-
			   gram	 button	 again.	  Pre-insertion	before the 1st
			   programmed track is	allowed	 by  clicking  on  the
			   space preceding the 1st entry.

       Clear		   Clears current program.

       Cancel		   Clears current program and cancels program mode and

       Save		   Save	the current program (if	any) and current title
			   to  file in cdInfoDir.  This	file will then be read
			   whenever the	current	disc is	put into the player.

       track buttons	   Add the track number	to the program at the  current
			   insertion  point, or	if active, add track number to
			   the programmable track button.

       +10		   Add ten to the programmable track button.

       programmable track  Add the selected track number (if available on  CD)
			   to program at the current insertion point.

       All		   Replace  the	current	program	with a sequential list
			   of tracks on	the CD.

   Miscellaneous Commands
       track		   Show	number of tracks on the	CD.

       timer		   Toggle between time elaped and time	remaining.  If
			   in  program	mode,  and not paused, toggles to time
			   remaining in	program.

       volume scroll	   Adjust volume of CD player output.

       title		   Pop up dialog for editing title display.  Title can
			   then	 be associated permanently with	that CD	by us-
			   ing the save	button in the program subwindow.   The
			   title  is  displayed	 on a button in	a viewport, so
			   that	long titles won't  distort  the	 size  of  the

       cdInfoDir/cd.* these  files contain title and stored program info saved
       for CDs


       Xcdplayer cannot	yet read the current volume level and adjust the  vol-
       ume  scroll  accordingly, because there is not current support for this
       in the driver.

       Xcdplayer occasionally "hangs"  on  a  particular  track,  never	 quite
       reaching	 the  end  of it.  Advancing to	the next or previous track, or
       pressing	the stop button	rectifies this condition.

       Copyright (C) 1990 Regents of the University of California

       Rusty Wright (
       Will Sadkin (
       Dan Rich	(

X Version 11			  Feb 3	1992			  XCDPLAYER(1)


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