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wsdl(1)			    General Commands Manual		       wsdl(1)

       wsdl - Mono's Web Service Proxy Generator

       wsdl [options] [path | url]

       wsdl  is	a tool for generating proxy classes that can be	used to	access
       to web services.	 The tool reads	a WSDL document	from the provided path
       or  url,	 and  downloads	 referenced schemas or other WSDL documents if

       This tool is used to target the 1.x API,	for targetting	the  2.x  API,
       please use the wsdl2 tool.

       The following options are available:

       -appsettingurlkey:key -urlkey:key
	      Specifies	 that the url for the services should be read from the
	      <appsettings> section of the configuration file, using the  pro-
	      vided key.

       -appsettingbaseurl:url ,	-baseurl:url
	      Specifies	a base URL for the service. The	final URL will be con-
	      structed by combining this value with  the  URL  read  from  the
	      -appsettingurlkey	 option, and the -type:typename, assembly Gen-
	      erate a proxy for	a compiled web service class. The URL  parame-
	      ter can be used to providethe location of	the service.  location
	      attribute	specified in the WSDL document.

       -language:language , -l
	      Language of the code to generate.	It can be CS for C# (default),
	      Boo for Boo and VB for Visual.Basic.

       Alternatively you can specify a full type name for a CodeProvider, for
	      example,	you  could use this to generate	code for the imaginary
	      "MyLan" language which has the following full type:
		   wsdl	myservice.wsdl -language:MyLan.MyLanCodeProvider, MyLan.CodeDom, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxyy'

       -namespace:name , -n:name
	      The namespace of the generated classes. If  none	is  specified,
	      the default namespace is used.

       -out:filename , -o:filename
	      The target file for generated code.

       -protocol:protocol , -p:protocol
	      The  protocol  for  which	 to generate code. It can be Soap (de-
	      fault), HttpGet or HttpPost.

	      This will	display	XML request and	reply of  the  sample  invoca-
	      tions  to	 that SOAP message.  You can use the -protocol:	option
	      to render	the message in different forms.

	      Generate a server	skeleton instead of a client proxy.

	      Supress the startup logo.

       -u:username , -user:username
	      The user name to use when	connecting to the server.

       -p:password , -password:password
	      The password to use when connecting to the server.

       -d:domain , -domain:domain
	      The domain to use	when connecting	to the server.

       Lluis Sanchez Gual (

       wsdl is released	under the terms	of the GNU GPL.

       disco(1), soapsuds(1), mono(1), mcs(1), wsdl2(1)



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