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wofi(1)			    General Commands Manual		       wofi(1)

       wofi - A	rofi inspired launcher for wlroots compositors

       wofi [options]

       wofi  is	 a  rofi inspired menu program for wlroots compositors such as
       sway. It	is intended to be highly customizable and  flexible  with  the
       help  of	 CSS  styling and a dmenu mode that allows for endless script-
       ability.	Wofi can be run	cacheless in dmenu mode	automatically  by  in-
       voking it as dmenu with symlink.

       Wofi  was  designed  specifically  for  wlroots	and  makes  use	of the
       wlr-layer-shell protocol. If your compositor does not support this pro-
       tocol  or if you	are in a non-wayland environment then wofi must	be run
       with --normal-window or it will crash. If you wish to run wofi this way
       you  can	 also  place  normal_window=true  in your config file to avoid
       specifying the option on	the command line.

       -h, --help
	      Prints the help message and then exits.

       -f, --fork
	      Forks the	menu so	the terminal running it	can be closed.

       -c, --conf=PATH
	      Specifies	the config file	to use.

       -s, --style=PATH
	      Specifies	the CSS	file to	use as the stylesheet.

       -C, --color=PATH
	      Specifies	the colors file	to use.

       -d, --dmenu
	      Runs wofi	in dmenu mode.

       -S, --show=MODE
	      Specifies	the mode to run	in. A list of modes can	 be  found  in

       -W, --width=WIDTH
	      Specifies	 the  menu  width in pixels or percent of screen size,
	      default is 50%. Pixels are used unless the number	ends with a %.

       -H, --height=HEIGHT
	      Specifies	the menu height	in pixels or percent of	 screen	 size,
	      default is 40%. Pixels are used unless the number	ends with a %.

       -p, --prompt=PROMPT
	      Sets  the	prompt to be display in	the search box,	default	is the
	      name of the mode.

       -x, --xoffset=OFFSET
	      Sets the x offset	from the location in pixels, default is	0.

       -y, --yoffset=OFFSET
	      Sets the y offset	from the location in pixels, default is	0.

       -n, --normal-window
	      Runs wofi	in a normal window instead of using wlr-layer-shell.

       -I, --allow-images
	      Allows image escape sequences to be processed and	rendered.

       -m, --allow-markup
	      Allows pango markup to be	processed and rendered.

       -k, --cache-file=PATH
	      Specifies	 the  cache  file  to  load/store  cache,  default  is
	      $XDG_CACHE_HOME/wofi-<mode  name>	 where <mode name> is the name
	      of the mode, if $XDG_CACHE_HOME is  not  specified  ~/.cache  is

       -t, --term=TERM
	      Specifies	 the term to use when running a	program	in a terminal.
	      This overrides the default terminal run order  which  is	kitty,
	      termite, gnome-terminal, weston-terminal in that order.

       -P, --password [character]
	      Runs  wofi  in password mode with	an optional password character
	      to use. If no character is specified * is	used by	default.

       -e, --exec-search
	      Activiating a search with	enter will execute the search not  the
	      first result.

       -b, --hide-scroll
	      Hides the	scroll bars.

       -M, --matching=MODE
	      Specifies	the matching mode, it can be either contains or	fuzzy,
	      default is contains.

       -i, --insensitive
	      Enables case insensitive search.

       -q, --parse-search
	      Parses out image escapes and pango preventing  them  from	 being
	      used for searching.

       -v, --version
	      Prints the version and then exits.

       -l, --location=LOCATION
	      Specifies	 the  location.	 See wofi(7) for more information, de-
	      fault is center.

       -a, --no-actions
	      Disables multiple	actions	for modes that support it.

       -D, --define=KEY=VALUE
	      Sets a config option

       -L, --lines=LINES
	      Specifies	the height in number of	lines instead of pixels.

       -w, --columns=COLUMNS
	      Specifies	the number of columns to display, default is 1.

       -O, --sort-order=ORDER
	      Specifies	the default sort order.	There are  currently  two  or-
	      ders, default and	alphabetical. See wofi(7) for details.

       -G, --gtk-dark
	      Instructs	wofi to	use the	dark variant of	the current GTK	theme,
	      if available.

       -Q, --search
	      Specifies	something to search for	immediately on opening

       -o, --monitor
	      Sets the monitor to open on

       Wofi has	3 main files used for configuration. All files are  completely

       1.  The config file which defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/wofi/config.

       2.  The CSS file	which defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/wofi/style.css.

       3.  The	  colors    file   which   defaults   to   the	 pywal	 cache

       All 3 of	these paths can	be manually  specified	using  the  respective
       command	line  flag. In the case	of the last 2 they can additionally be
       specified in the	config file.

       In the event $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is	not specified it defaults to ~/.config
       likewise	if $XDG_CACHE_HOME is not specified it defaults	to ~/.cache.

       Information about the formats for these files can be found in wofi(5).



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