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WMWORK(1)			 Version 0.2.5			     WMWORK(1)

       wmwork -	keep track of time worked on projects

       wmwork [options]

       wmwork provides a monitor on a 64x64 mini window	that helps you keeping
       track of	your time. The idea is based on	the program Worklog written by
       Truxton	King  Fulton  II. In contrast to Worklog wmwork	is a graphical
       application designed to work with the WindowMaker dock, but  will  work
       with other window managers as well.

       -d, --days
	      displays	time  in  ddd.hh:mm instead of hhh:mm:ss. Note that if
	      one timer	is at least 1000 hours large this  will	 be  the  case

       -f, --force
	      overwrite	 stale	lock  files. Use this if wmwork	says that it's
	      already running but it isn't.

       -h, --help
	      display a	command	line summary.

       -v, --version
	      display the version number.

	      set the display to use, e.g.  --display=:0.0.

	      set the position of the dock app,	e.g.  --geometry=+10+10.  Note
	      that the size (64x64) is hard-coded and cannot be	changed.

       When  wmwork  is	started, the uppermost line shows the accumulated time
       spent on	the project, identified	by a three letter code	in  the	 third
       line.  The  second line shows the current time spent on the project and
       is initially zero.

       The button V starts the timer, the button || pauses it.	The  button  X
       stops  the  timer,  saving  the	accumulated time in ~/.wmwork/worklog,
       adding the current session time to ~/.wmwork/worklog.XYZ	and  resetting
       the latter.

       The  buttons  <	and  >	switch	between	the projects found in the file
       ~/.wmwork/worklog.  This	can be done only if the	timer is neither  run-
       ning nor	paused.

	      contains the projects configuration and log summaries.

       Each line has the form identifier:timestamp[:comment].  Empty lines and
       lines beginning with a #	are ignored. Only the first  three  characters
       of the (case-insensitive) identifier are	relevant. When wmwork is over-
       writing ~/.wmwork/worklog it cuts the identifiers down that way.

	      contains human readable timestamps for the  project  XYZ,	 where
	      XYZ is the truncated identifier from ~/.wmwork/worklog.

       Having  multiple	entries	of the same identifier in ~/.wmwork/worklog is
       possible. They are counted  independently,  but	will  share  the  same
       project file.

       Please  send  any bugs to <>. Debian users are encour-
       aged to use the Debian Bug Tracking System  <

       wmwork  was  written  by	 Martin	 A. Godisch <>. It is
       based on	the program wmppp written  by  Martijn	Pieterse  and  Antoine
       Nulle. Thanks to	the following people, who have contributed to wmwork:

       Adam Lackorzynski <>
       Gordon Fraser <>
       Daniel Tschan <>
       Alexey Dokuchaev	<>
       Josep Portella Florit <>
       Ben Stern <>

The Debian Project		 January 2005			     WMWORK(1)


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