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WIN(4S)								       WIN(4S)

       win - Sun window	system

       pseudo-device winnumber
       pseudo-device dtopnumber

       The  win	 pseudo-device	accesses the system drivers supporting the Sun
       window system.  number, in the device description line above, indicates
       the  maximum  number of windows supported by the	system.	 number	is set
       to 128 in the GENERIC system configuration file used  to	 generate  the
       kernel used in Sun systems as they are shipped.	The dtop pseudo-device
       line indicates the number of separate ``desktops'' (frame buffers) that
       can  be actively	running	the Sun	window system at once.	In the GENERIC
       file, this number is set	to 4.

       Each window in the system is represented	by a  /dev/win*	 device.   The
       windows	are organized as a tree	with windows being subwindows of their
       parents,	and covering/covered by	their siblings.	 Each window has a po-
       sition in the tree, a position on a display screen, an input queue, and
       information telling what	parts of it are	exposed.

       The window driver multiplexes keyboard and mouse	input among  the  sev-
       eral  windows,  tracks  the mouse with a	cursor on the screen, provides
       each window access to information about what parts of it	 are  exposed,
       and  notifies the manager process for a window when the exposed area of
       the window changes so that the window may repair	its display.

       Full information	on the window system functions is given	in the


				9 October 1987			       WIN(4S)


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