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WESTCOS-TOOL(1)			 OpenSC	Tools		       WESTCOS-TOOL(1)

       westcos-tool - utility for manipulating data structures on westcos
       smart cards

       westcos-tool [OPTIONS]

       The westcos-tool	utility	is used	to manipulate the westcos data
       structures on 2 Ko smart	cards /	tokens.	Users can create PINs, keys
       and certificates	stored on the card / token. User PIN authentication is
       performed for those operations that require it.

       --change-pin, -n
	   Changes a PIN stored	on the card. User authentication is required
	   for this operation.

       --certificate file, -t file
	   Write certificate file file in PEM format to	the card. User
	   authentication is required for this operation.

       --finalize, -f
	   Finalize the	card. Once finalized the default key is	invalidated,
	   so PIN and PUK cannot be changed anymore without user

	   Warning, un-finalized cards are insecure because the	PIN can	be
	   changed without user	authentication (knowledge of default key is

       --generate-key, -g
	   Generate a private key on the card. The card	must not have been
	   finalized and a PIN must be installed (i.e. the file	for the	PIN
	   must	have been created, see option -i). By default the key length
	   is 1536 bits. User authentication is	required for this operation.

       --help, -h
	   Print help message on screen.

       --install-pin, -i
	   Install PIN file in on the card. You	must provide a PIN value with

       --key-length length, -l length
	   Change the length of	private	key. Use with -g.

       --overwrite-key,	-o
	   Overwrite the key if	there is already a key on the card.

       --pin-value pin,	-x pin --puk-value puk,	-y puk
	   These options can be	used to	specify	the PIN/PUK values on the
	   command line. If the	value is set to	env:VARIABLE, the value	of the
	   specified environment variable is used. By default, the code	is
	   prompted on the command line	if needed.

	   Note	that on	most operation systems,	any user can display the
	   command line	of any process on the system using utilities such as
	   ps(1). Therefore, you should	prefer passing the codes via an
	   environment variable	on an unsecured	system.

       --read-file filename, -j	filename
	   Read	the file filename from the card. The file is written on	disk
	   with	name filename. User authentication is required for this

       --reader	arg, -r	arg
	   Number of the reader	to use.	By default, the	first reader with a
	   present card	is used. If arg	is an ATR, the reader with a matching
	   card	will be	chosen.

       --unblock-pin, -u
	   Unblocks a PIN stored on the	card. Knowledge	of the PIN Unblock Key
	   (PUK) is required for this operation.

       --verbose -v
	   Causes westcos-tool to be more verbose. Specify this	flag several
	   times to enable debug output	in the OpenSC library.

       --wait, -w
	   Wait	for a card to be inserted.

       --write-file filename, -k filename
	   Put the file	with name filename from	disk to	card. On the card the
	   file	is written in filename.	User authentication is required	for
	   this	operation.

       westcos-tool was	written	by Francois Leblanc

opensc				  02/28/2021		       WESTCOS-TOOL(1)


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