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WC2NCID(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	    WC2NCID(1)

       wc2ncid - Whozz Calling device to NCID server gateway

	wc2ncid	[--debug	     | -D]
		[--delay	     | -d <seconds>]
		[--help		     | -h]
		[--hostname-flag     | -H <0|1>]
		[--logfile-append    | -l <filename>]
		[--logfile-overwrite | -L <filename>]
		[--configfile	     | -C <filename>]
		[--man		     | -m]
		[--ncidhost	     | -n <[host][:port]>]
		[--test		     | -t]
		[--pidfile	     | -p <filename>]
		[--verbose	     | -v <1-9>]
		[--version	     | -V]
		[--wchost	     | -w <address1>[,address2][,...]

       The WC (Whozz Calling) gateway obtains Caller ID	from one or more Whozz
       Calling Ethernet	Link devices.  The Whozz Calling Ethernet Link device
       handles multi-line Caller ID, either 2, 4, or 8 telephone lines.	 The
       basic models handle incoming calls and the deluxe models	handle
       incoming	and outgoing calls.

       See the Whozz Calling feature matrix for	the various models:

       The Whozz Calling devices do not	pick-up, go off-hook, or answer	the
       telephone line.	They cannot be used to hangup the line for phone
       numbers in the ncidd blacklist file, but	a modem	can be used with the
       WC gateway for the blacklist feature of ncidd.

       The NCID	server

       At least	one Whozz Calling Ethernet Link	device

       perl 5.6	or higher, perl(Config::Simple), perl(Data::HexDump)

       -n <[host][:port]>, --ncidhost <[host][:port]>
	 Specifies the NCID server.  Port may be specified by suffixing	the
	 hostname with :<port>.

	 Input must be <host> or <host:port>, or <:port>

	 Default:  localhost:3333

       -w <address1[,address2][,...]>, --wchost	<address1[,address2],[,...]>
	 Specifies the Whozz Calling Ethernet Link Device or devices.
	 Multiple addresses for	devices	are comma separated.

	 Input must be <address> or <address1,address2,etc>.


       -d <seconds>, --delay <seconds>
	 If the	connection to the NCID server is lost, try every <delay>
	 seconds to reconnect.

	 Default: 15

       -D, --debug
	 Debug mode, displays all messages that	go into	the log	file.  Use
	 this option to	run interactively.

       -H <0|1>, --hostname-flag <0|1>
	 When the hostname flag	is set to 1, the IDENT string sent to a	server
	 will include the hostname with	the program name.

	 Default: 0

       -h, --help
	 Displays the help message and exits.

       -m, --man
	 Displays the manual page and exits.

       -C, --configfile	<filename>
	 Specifies the configuration file to use.  The program will still run
	 if a configuration file is not	found.


	 Sets the IP address, beginning	line number, number of telephone
	 lines,	and sending port for each Whozz	Calling	Ethernet Link Device.

	 It sets the IP	address	for the	WC device from the address for
	 "wcaddr" in the configuration file or --wchost	on the command line.

	 It automatically sets the beginning line number for the WC device
	 which is used as a line label prefixed	with "WC".  Each device	gets a
	 beginning line	number that is the ending line number plus one from
	 the preceeding	device,	for example; device 1 (WC01 WC02) device 2
	 (WC03 WC04 WC05 WC06).

	 NOTE: All devices are automatically configured	to send	call
	 information on	port 3520.

       -l, --logfile-append <filename>
       -L, --logfile-overwrite <filename>
	 Specifies the logfile name to write.  The program will	still run if
	 it does not have permission to	write to it.

	 If both options are present, --logfile-append takes precedence.

	 Default: Append to /var/log/wc2ncid.log

       -p, --pidfile <filename>
	 Specifies the pidfile name to write. The program will still run if it
	 does not have permission to write a pidfile. The pid filename that
	 should	be used	is /var/run/

	 Default: no pidfile

       -t, --test
	 Test mode is a	connection to the Whozz	Calling	Network	Device without
	 a connection to the NCID server.  It sets debug mode and verbose = 3.
	 The verbose level can be changed on the command line.

	 Default: no test mode

       -v, --verbose <1-9>
	 Output	information, used for the logfile and the debug	option.	 Set
	 the level to a	higher number for more information.  Levels range from
	 1 to 9, but not all levels are	used.

	 Default: verbose = 1

       -V, --version
	 Displays the version.

       Start wc2ncid, set IP address to from command line,	set
       the beginning line number automatically and set the sending Ethernet
       port to 3520 (the default):
	   wc2ncid --set-wc --wchost

       Start wc2ncid in	test and debug modes at	verbose	5:
	   wc2ncid -tv5


       wc2ncid.conf.5, wct.1, ncidd.8, ncidd.conf.5, ncid_gateways.7

perl v5.32.1			  2021-09-11			    WC2NCID(1)


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