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WAVEPLAY(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		   WAVEPLAY(1)

     waveplay -- an audio player

     waveplay [-chrs] [-b size]	[-B bits] [-C channels]	[-f dev] [-S rate] [-]
	      [file ...]

     The waveplay utility plays	audio files.  The file operands	are processed
     in	command	line order.  A single dash represents the standard input.
     Supported formats are Windows RIFF	WAVE format (only linear PCM) and lin-
     ear PCM raw format	without	header.

     The options are as	follows:

     -b	size	 Use an	audio output buffer of size kbytes.  The default size
		 is 2 kbytes.

     -B	bits	 Specify the number of bits per	sample.	 The default is	16.

     -c		 The audio data	are written to standard	output.

     -C	channels
		 Specify the number of channels.  The default is 2 (stereo).

     -f	dev	 Specify the audio device to use.  The default is /dev/dsp.

     -h		 Print a help message and exit.

     -r		 Treat an input	file as	raw format.  You can specify the sam-
		 pling rate, the number	of bits	per sample, and	the number of
		 channels with the -S, -B, and -C options, respectively, in
		 which case the	-r option can be omitted.

     -s		 Silent	mode.  Suppress	messages.

     -S	rate	 Specify the sampling frequencey.  The default is 44100(Hz).

     The waveplay command was written by Yoshihide SONODA <>.

BSD			       December	25, 1999			   BSD


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