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VST(5)		    VHDL subset	of ASIM/LIP6/CAO-VLSI lab.		VST(5)

       VHDL structural subset.

       This  document  describes  the  ALLIANCE	VHDL subset for	structural de-

       The declaration part of a structural description	 includes  signal  de-
       calarations and component declarations.

       An internal signal can be declared of any type supported	by the present
       VHDL subset except reg_bit and reg_vector.

       A component must	be declared with exactly the same port description  as
       in  its entity specification. This means	that local ports are to	be de-
       clared with the same name, type and kind	and in the same	order.

       A structural description	is a set  of  component	 instanciation	state-
       ments.	Instances' ports are connected to each other trough signals in
       a port map specification. Both explicit and implicit port map  specifi-
       cations are supported by	the ALLIANCE VHDL subset.

       The  present  version  of  the VHDL compiler does not allow unconnected
       ports (the open mode is not supported).

       Only the	concatenation operator (&) can be used in the actual part (ef-
       fective	signal	conntected  to a formal	port) of a port	map specifica-

       Here is the description of an adder with	an accumulator register.

       entity add_accu is
       port (
	 clk	  : in	bit;
	 command  : in	bit;
	 data_in  : in	bit_vector (31 downto 0);
	 data_out : out	bit_vector (31 downto 0);
	 cry_out  : out	bit;
	 vdd	  : in	bit;
	 vss	  : in	bit
       end add_accu;

       architecture structural of add_accu is

       signal eff_data	: bit_vector (31 downto	0);	 -- effective operande
       signal adder_out	: bit_vector (31 downto	0);	 -- adder's result
       signal accu_out	: bit_vector (31 downto	0);	 -- accumulator

       component adder
       port (a	 : in  bit_vector (31 downto 0);
	     b	 : in  bit_vector (31 downto 0);
	     res : out bit_vector (31 downto 0));
       end component;

       component and_32
       port (a	 : in  bit_vector (31 downto 0);
	     cmd : in  bit;
	     res : out bit_vector (31 downto 0));
       end component;

       component falling_edge_reg
       port (din  : in	bit_vector (31 downto 0);
	     clk  : in	bit;
	     dout : out	bit_vector (31 downto 0));
       end component;


	 my_adder : adder
	 port map (a =>	eff_data, b => accu_out, res =>	adder_out);

	 my_mux	  : and_32
	 port map (cmd => command, a =>	accu_out, res => eff_data);

	 my_reg	  : falling_edge_reg
	 port map (din => adder_out, clk => clk, dout => accu_out);


       vhdl(5),	vbe(5),	asimut(1)

ASIM/LIP6			October	1, 1997				VST(5)


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