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vnpstext(1V)							  vnpstext(1V)

       vnpstext	- PostScript filter for	Vietnamese text	printing

       vnpstext	[-i <prologfile>] [input_8-bit_VISCII_file(s) ...]

       The  command  operates much like	the command: it	reads a	text file from
       standard	input, and outputs the text in a format	suitable  for  sending
       directly	to a PostScript	printer.  A typical invocation is:
       % vnpstext 8-bit-vietnamese-file	| lpr -PPostScript
       expects the Vietnamese font (by default,	Courier-VN) to have been down-
       loaded to the PostScript	printer.  This will be discussed  further  be-

       Without	any  arguments,	will use the font Courier-VN at	10-point size.
       You may change this by specifying an appropriate	prolog	file.	As  of
       this  date  (5/92),  the	 prolog	 files	available  with	 vnpstext  are (default),,,,,,  which  use	 Vietnamese  Courier  fonts  at	 10-, 12-, and
       17-point	sizes in normal	and bold faces,	respectively.

       The location of the prolog file can either be the current directory, or
       in  /usr/local/share/vn-fonts.  The latter setting may be overridden by
       the environment variable	PSLIBDIR.

       -i _prologfile_	   use the specified prolog file instead of generating
			   the default (

       The  prolog  file  is  searched	relative to the	directory specified by
       PSLIBDIR, or the	current	working	directory if PSLIBDIR is  not  set  in
       the  environment.   If the prolog file name starts with the '/' charac-
       ter, it is assumed to be	an absolute path name and PSLIBDIR is ignored.

       expects the font	you use	to have	been downloaded	to the printer.	 To do
       this,  send it the appropriate font installation	file.  As of this date
       (5/92), the following are available with and,
       which  will  download  the Vietnamese Courier and Courier-Bold fonts to
       the printer.  The font sizes are	continuously scalable and is specified
       in the prolog file.

       The  downloaded	font  will  persist until the next time	the printer is
       power cycled.  Also, note that the PS engine requires that  a  password
       be  supplied  for this kind of operation	to take	place; the password is
       normally	"0" unless it is changed by the	user.  This assumption is made
       in the init*.ps files.  If the printer password is something other than
       "0", modify these files accordingly before sending it to	the printer.

       To print	out a mail message that	contains 7-bit VIQR  data,  you	 might
       % vn7to8	-m input_file |	vnpstext | lpr -PPostScript
       The -m option to	tells it to start out assuming English mode.

       Or  if  the message contain Viet-Net style Vietnamese but is not	neces-
       sarily VIQR-compliant in	that it	does not explicitly specify the	 Viet-
       namese language state with the sequence ":
       % vn7to8	-v input_file |	vnpstext | lpr -PPostScript

       Two  sample  shell scripts are provided to facilitate Vietnamese	print-
       ing: and	which performs the necessary conversions to print  7-bit  VIQR
       and  8-bit  VISCII data,	respectively.  See the contents	of those shell
       scripts for usage details.

       -      The line length is limited to 1024 characters.

       -      Lines are	not wrapped.  If a line	is too long to	fit  across  a
	      page width, it is	truncated (by the printer).

			   default prolog search directory	   Vietnamese  Courier	font  file  to download	to the
			   printer.	   Vietnamese Courier-Bold font	file  to  download  to
			   the printer.

       cour*.pro:	   Various prolog files	which specify non-default val-
			   ues for font	face and size.

       The TriChlor Group, TriChlor@haydn.Stanford.EDU.
       Thanks also to Nam Chan Phamdo (	for pointing  out  the
       lines-per-page bug (which has been fixed!)

       vn7to8(1V), vnelvis(1V),	pstext(1PS)



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