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vncpasswd(1)			   TightVNC			  vncpasswd(1)

       vncpasswd - set passwords for VNC server

       vncpasswd [file]
       vncpasswd -t
       vncpasswd -f

       The vncpasswd utility should be used to create and change passwords for
       the TightVNC server  authentication.  Xvnc  uses	 such  passwords  when
       started with the	-rfbauth command-line option (or when started from the
       vncserver script).

       vncpasswd allows	to enter either	one or two passwords. The first	 pass-
       word  is	the primary one, the second password can be used for view-only
       authentication. Xvnc  will  restrict  mouse  and	 keyboard  input  from
       clients	who  authenticated  with the view-only password. The vncpasswd
       utility asks interactively if it	should set the second password.

       The password file name defaults to $HOME/.vnc/passwd unless the -t com-
       mand-line  option  was  used  (see  the	OPTIONS	 section  below).  The
       $HOME/.vnc/ directory will be created if	it does	not exist.

       Each password has to be longer than five	characters (unless the -f com-
       mand-line  option was used, see its description below).	Only the first
       eight characters	are significant. If the	primary	password is too	short,
       the  program  will  abort. If the view-only password is too short, then
       only the	primary	password will be saved.

       Unless a	file name was provided in the  command-line  explicitly,  this
       utility may perform certain sanity checks to prevent writing a password
       file into some hazardous	place.

       If at least one password	was saved successfully,	 vncpasswd  will  exit
       with  status  code 0. Otherwise the returned status code	will be	set to

       -t     Write  passwords	into   /tmp/$USER-vnc/passwd,	creating   the
	      /tmp/$USER-vnc/ directory	if it does not exist, and checking the
	      permissions on that directory (the mode must be 700).  This  op-
	      tion  can	 help to improve security when your home partition may
	      be shared	via network (e.g. when using NFS).

       -f     Filter mode. Read	plain-text passwords  from  stdin,  write  en-
	      crypted  versions	 to stdout. One	or two passwords (full-control
	      and view-only) can be supplied in	the input stream, newline ter-
	      minates a	password.  Note	that in	the filter mode, short or even
	      empty passwords will be silently accepted.

       vncserver(1), Xvnc(1), vncviewer(1), vncconnect(1)

       Original	VNC was	developed in AT&T Laboratories Cambridge. TightVNC ad-
       ditions	were  implemented  by  Constantin Kaplinsky. Many other	people
       participated in development, testing and	support.

       Man page	authors:
       Marcus Brinkmann	<>,
       Tim Waugh <>,
       Constantin Kaplinsky <>

				  August 2006			  vncpasswd(1)


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