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VM_PAGE_INSERT(9)	 BSD Kernel Developer's	Manual	     VM_PAGE_INSERT(9)

     vm_page_insert, vm_page_remove -- add/remove page from an object

     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <vm/vm.h>
     #include <vm/vm_page.h>

     vm_page_insert(vm_page_t m, vm_object_t object, vm_pindex_t pindex);

     vm_page_remove(vm_page_t m);

     The vm_page_insert() function adds	a page to the given object at the
     given index.  The page is added to	both the VM page hash table and	to the
     object's list of pages, but the hardware page tables are not updated.  In
     the case of a user	page, it will be faulted in when it is accessed.  If
     the page is a kernel page,	the caller is expected to handle adding	the
     page to the kernel's pmap.

     If	PG_WRITEABLE is	set in the page's flags, OBJ_WRITEABLE and
     OBJ_MIGHTBEDIRTY are set in the object's flags.

     The vm_page_remove() function removes the given page from its object, and
     from the VM page hash table.  The page must be busy prior to this call,
     or	the system will	panic.	The pmap entry for the page is not removed by
     this function.

     The arguments to vm_page_insert() are:

     m	     The page to add to	the object.

     object  The object	the page should	be added to.

     pindex  The index into the	object the page	should be at.

     The arguments to vm_page_remove() are:

     m	The page to remove.

     The index of a page in a VM object	is the byte index into the same	object
     truncated to a page boundary.  For	example, if the	page size is 4096
     bytes, and	the address in the object is 81944, the	page index is 20.

     This manual page was written by Chad David	<>.

BSD				 July 17, 2001				   BSD


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