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viewlofigcon  -	 display  elements  of a locon_list attached to	a
#include "mlo.h"
void viewlofigcon(ptcon)
locon_list *ptcon;
ptcon Pointer to the locon to be scaned	 viewlofigcon  scans  all
the  primary  elements	of the locon_list loaded in ram, and dis-
plays a	textual	output of the data strcuture contents.
Its use	is mostly for debugging	purposes, and  educational  ones,
since  the  output  is quite verbose, even if very easy	to under-
#include <stdio.h>
#include "mlo.h"
void view_figcon(ptfig)
lofig_list *ptfig;
locon_list *figcon;
   for (figcon = ptfig->LOCON; figcon; figcon =	figcon->NEXT)

#include "mlo.h" | void viewlofigcon(ptcon) | locon_list *ptcon; | #include "mlo.h" | void view_figcon(ptfig) | lofig_list *ptfig; | { | locon_list *figcon; | }

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