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vhangup(2)							    vhangup(2)

       vhangup - virtually hang	up the current control terminal

       void vhangup()

       The  system call	initializes a terminal line.  For example, the command
       uses to ensure that the previous	user's	processes  cannot  access  the
       terminal	anymore.

       First,  searches	the system tables for references to the	current	termi-
       nal (the	control	terminal of the	invoking process) and  revokes	access
       permissions on each instance of the terminal that it finds.

       The  system  call  also removes all references to the inode that	corre-
       sponds to the control terminal.	The system call	then invokes the  ker-
       nel's  device close routine to turn the terminal	off.  Finally, sends a
       hangup signal (SIGHUP) to the process group of  the  control  terminal.
       For further information,	see for	a description of process groups.

       When finishes, a	terminal line is initialized; no other processes refer
       to this line.  The only way for other processes to access  the  control
       terminal	is through the special file, All other requests	will yield I/O
       errors (EBADF).

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