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vga_setmodeX(3)		      Svgalib User Manual	       vga_setmodeX(3)

       vga_setmodeX - try to set Mode X-like memory organization

       #include	<vga.h>

       void vga_setmodeX(void);

       Try to enable Mode X-like memory	organization for 256 color modes using
       up to 256K of memory like 320x200x256 and 640x400x256.

       Modes like 320x240x256 etc. are	Mode  X-like  by  default.   vga_mode-
       info(3) lists which modes have Mode X memory layout.

       A  mode	X  like	 memory	 layout	means that memory is organized in four
       pages (set_page(3)) and that the	top most pixel 0,1,2,3 are  the	 first
       pixel  in  pages	 0,1,2,3. Pixels 4,5,6,7 are than the second pixels in
       pages 0,1,2,3.

       The other, packed pixel,	mode will have pixel 0,1,2,3 as	pixel  0,1,2,3
       in page 0 and so	on. It will only use the next pages if the size	of the
       first 64K page is exceeded. Most	SVGA 256 color modes work this way.

       This is not guaranteed to work. Probably	a new mode should  be  defined
       for planar 320x200x256.

       svgalib(7), vgagl(7), libvga.config(5), vgatest(6), vga_getmodeinfo(3),
       vga_setmode(3), vga_setpage(3),

       This manual page	was edited by Michael Weller  <eowmob@exp-math.uni-es->.	 The exact source of the referenced function as	well as	of the
       original	documentation is unknown.

       It is very likely that both are at least	to some	extent are due to Harm
       Hanemaayer <>.

       Occasionally  this  might be wrong. I hereby asked to be	excused	by the
       original	author and will	happily	accept any additions or	corrections to
       this first version of the svgalib manual.

Svgalib	(>= 1.2.11)		 27 July 1997		       vga_setmodeX(3)


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