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vga_getmodenumber(3)	      Svgalib User Manual	  vga_getmodenumber(3)

       vga_getmodenumber - return a number for the given video mode

       #include	<vga.h>

       int vga_getmodenumber(char *name);

       The  function  parses *name and tries to	find a videomode corresponding
       on it.  *name is	parsed case insensitive	and should be either an	 inte-
       ger string just giving a	mode number or consist of a capital G followed
       by the amount of	x pixels, followed by a	lower case x, followed by  the
       amount  of y pixels, followed by	a lower	case x.	 Finally the number of
       different colors	is appended. Here the shortcuts	32K,64K,16M, and  16M4
       are  used for 32768, 65536, and 16777216	are used. The last refers also
       to 16777216 which are store in 4	bytes (highest	address	 byte  unused)
       for easier screen access.

       For unsupported values or the string "PROMPT" the value -1 is returned.
       Also a irritating error message is printed to stdout. This is used dur-
       ing  parsing the	SVGALIB_DEFAULT_MODE environment variable. Probably it
       should not be used for anything else.

       vga_getmodenumber("G640x480x256") returns 10.

       svgalib(7),  vgagl(7),  libvga.config(5),  vgatest(6),  vga_hasmode(3),
       vga_modeinfo(3),	vga_setmode(3),	vga_lastmodenumber(3), vga_getcurrent-
       mode(3),	vga_getdefaultmode(3), vga_getmodename(3)

       This manual page	was edited by Michael Weller  <eowmob@exp-math.uni-es->.	 The exact source of the referenced function as	well as	of the
       original	documentation is unknown.

       It is very likely that both are at least	to some	extent are due to Harm
       Hanemaayer <>.

       Occasionally  this  might be wrong. I hereby asked to be	excused	by the
       original	author and will	happily	accept any additions or	corrections to
       this first version of the svgalib manual.

Svgalib	1.3.0			 8 April 1998		  vga_getmodenumber(3)


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