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VCHANGER.CONF(5)		vchanger Manual		      VCHANGER.CONF(5)

       vchanger.conf - configuration file for *vchanger(8)*


       vchanger(8) is passed the path to a configuration file as its first
       positional parameter. The file contains keyword-value pairs, specified
       by the free-form	syntax keyword = value.	Keywords are case-insensitive
       and embedded whitespace is ignored. For example,	"LOGLEVEL" is
       equivalent to "Log Level". Values are case-sensitive and	embedded
       whitespace is preserved,	however	leading	and trailing whitespace	is
       ignored.	Values may be one of the following types:

	   The case insensitive	strings	"true",	"yes", and "1" are accepted as
	   a true value, and "false", "no", and	"0" as a false value.

	   A numeric integer value

	   A filesystem	path. If the path does not begin with a	'/' character,
	   then	the path is considered a relative path.	The directory to which
	   the path is relative	is described for the relevant keyword in the

	   A text string. The string may be enclosed in	double quotes. A
	   quoted string may also contain escape sequences. An escape sequence
	   begins with the back	slash character	`\'. Valid escape sequences
	   are \a, \b, \n, \r, \t, \v, \\, and \", and are interpreted as in
	   the C language.

       bconsole	= PATH
	   Specifies the path to the bconsole utility used to interface	with
	   the Bacula console. If given	as a relative path, standard shell
	   path	search semantics apply.	Specifying the empty string ""
	   disables the	sending	of commands to Bacula. The default is

       bconsole	config = PATH
	   Specifies the path to the bconsole configuration file to use	when
	   invoking bconsole. The path is passed to bconsole using its -c
	   flag. If the	empty string ""	is specified, then bconsole is invoked
	   without the -c flag.	The default is "".

       Default Pool = STRING
	   Specifies the name of the pool into which newly created volumes
	   should be placed when labeling the new volumes via bconsole.	The
	   default is "Scratch".

       Group = STRING
	   Specifies the group that vchanger(8)	should run as when invoked by
	   the root user. The default -s "tape".

       Logfile = PATH
	   Specifies the path to the vchanger logfile. If a relative path is
	   specified, then it is relative to the directory defined by the Work
	   Dir keyword.	The default is a file name that	is the string ".conf"
	   appended to the value of the	Storage	Resource keyword in the	Work
	   Dir directory.

       Log Level = INTEGER
	   Specifies the amount	of logging desired. The	value is an integer
	   between 0 and 7, inclusive, corresponding to	the LOG_EMERG through
	   LOG_DEBUG log levels	defined	in syslog(3).

       Magazine	= (PATH	or STRING)
	   Specifies a directory or file system	that contains volume files
	   that	the changer specified by the Storage Resource keyword may use.
	   this	keyword	may appear more	than once in the configuration file in
	   order to specify multiple magazines.	Mounted	file systems may be
	   specified by	prepending the string "UUID:" (case insensitive) to
	   the UUID of the file	system.	Otherwise, the value specifies the
	   path	to a directory.

       Storage Resource	= STRING
	   Specifies the name of the Storage resource, defined in the Bacula
	   Director daemon''s configuration file (bacula-dir.conf), that is
	   associated with this	changer. The default is	"vchanger".

       User = STRING
	   Specifies the user that vchanger(8) should run as when invoked by
	   the root user. The default is "bacula".

       Work Dir	= PATH
	   Specifies the path to the work directory vchanger(8)	will use for
	   this	changer. The default is	a sub-directory	of /var/spool/vchanger
	   named as the	value of the Storage Resource keyword.

       See the vchangerHowto.html file included	in the doc directory of	the
       source distribution for more detailed documentation.


       Copyright 2006-2020 Josh	Fisher

       This is free software; See the source for copying conditions. There is
       NO warranty; not	even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR	A PARTICULAR

       Josh Fisher <>

vchanger.conf 1.0.3		  05/11/2020		      VCHANGER.CONF(5)


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