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uulog(1)		    General Commands Manual		      uulog(1)

       uulog - display UUCP log	entries

       uulog  [-#]  [-n	 lines]	 [-sf system] [-u user]	[-DSF] [--lines	lines]
       [--system system] [--user user]	[--debuglog]  [--statslog]  [--follow]
       [--follow=system] [standard UUCP	options]

       The  uulog program can be used to display entries in the	UUCP log file.
       It can select the entries for a particular system or a particular user.
       You  can	 use  it  to  see what has happened to your queued jobs	in the

       The following options may be given to uulog.

       -#, -n lines, --lines lines
	    Here `#' is	a number; e.g.,	`-10'.	The specified number of	 lines
	    is displayed from the end of the log file.	The default is to dis-
	    play the entire log	file, unless the `-f', `-F', or	`--follow' op-
	    tions are used, in which case the default is to display 10 lines.

       -s system, --system system
	    Display only log entries pertaining	to the specified system.

       -u user,	--user user
	    Display only log entries pertaining	to the specified user.

       -D, --debuglog
	    Display the	debugging log file.

       -S, --statslog
	    Display the	statistics log file.  -F, --follow Keep	displaying the
	    log	file forever, printing new lines as they are appended  to  the
	    log	file.

       -f system, --follow=system
	    Keep  displaying the log file forever, displaying only log entries
	    pertaining to the specified	system.

       -X type

       --debug type

       -I file

       --config	file

       -v, --version

	    Standard UUCP options.  Note that uulog  specifies	the  debugging
	    type using `-X' rather than	the usual `-x'.

       The  operation  of  uulog  depends  to some degree upon the type	of log
       files generated by the UUCP programs.  This is a	compile	 time  option.
       If the UUCP programs have been compiled to use HDB style	log files, uu-
       log changes in the following ways:

       The new options `-x' and	`--uuxqtlog' may be used to list the uuxqt log

       It  is  no  longer possible to omit all arguments: one of `-s', `--sys-
       tem', `-f', `--follow=system', `-D', `--debuglog', `-S',	 `--statslog',
       `-x', or	`--uuxqtlog' must be used.

       The option `--system ANY' may be	used to	list log file entries which do
       not pertain to any particular system.


       Ian Lance Taylor	(	 This Manpage based on the Taylor UUCP
       1.06 Texinfo documentation.

			       Taylor UUCP 1.06			      uulog(1)


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