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uuconv(1)		    General Commands Manual		     uuconv(1)

       uuconv -	convert	UUCP configuration files

       uuconv -i type -o type [-p program] [standard UUCP options]

       The uuconv program can be used to convert UUCP configuration files from
       one format to another.  This can	be useful for administrators  convert-
       ing  from  an  older UUCP package.  Taylor UUCP is able to read and use
       old configuration file formats, but some	new features can  not  be  se-
       lected using the	old formats.

       The  type  of configuration file	to read	is specified using the `-i' or
       `--input' options.  The type of configuration file to write  is	speci-
       fied using the `-o' or `--output' options.

       The  supported  configuration file types	are `taylor', `v2', and	`hdb'.
       For a description of the	`taylor' configuration files, see  *Note  Con-
       figuration Files::.  The	other types of configuration files are used by
       traditional UUCP	packages, and are not described	in this	manual.

       An input	configuration of type `v2' or `hdb' is read from a compiled in
       directory  (specified  by `oldconfigdir'	in `Makefile').	 An input con-
       figuration of type `taylor' is read from	a compiled in directory	by de-
       fault,  but  may	be overridden with the standard	`-I' or	`--config' op-

       The output configuration	is written to files in the directory in	 which
       uuconv is run.

       Some information	in the input files may not be representable in the de-
       sired output format, in which case uuconv  will	silently  discard  it.
       The  output  of	uuconv	should be carefully checked before it is used.
       The uuchk(8) program may	be used	for this purpose.

       The `-p'	or `--program' option may be used  to  convert	specific  `cu'
       configuration  information,  rather than	the default of only converting
       the `uucp' configuration	information.

       cu(1), uucp(1)

       Ian Lance Taylor	(	 This Manpage based on the Taylor UUCP
       1.06 Texinfo documentation.

			       Taylor UUCP 1.06			     uuconv(1)


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