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UTX(8)                  FreeBSD System Manager's Manual                 UTX(8)

     utx, utxrm - manage the user accounting database

     utx boot
     utx shutdown
     utx rm identifier ...
     utxrm identifier ...

     The utx utility can be used to perform operations on the user accounting
     database, as done by pututxline(3).

     The first argument to utx indicates an action to be performed:

     boot          Write a boot time record to the user accounting database.
                   This option should typically only be used by rc(8).

     shutdown      Write a shutdown time record to the user accounting
                   database.  This option should typically only be used by

     rm            Remove stale sessions from the user accounting database, by
                   referring to their identifier.  Stale sessions can occur if
                   a login service exits prematurely or fails to remove the
                   session from the accounting database.

                   Utilities such as w(1) will not display the identifier
                   corresponding with a login session, since its value is
                   typically only of use by the process managing the record.
                   The following command can be used to obtain all records
                   from the user accounting database's active session table,
                   including its identifiers:

                         getent utmpx active

                   Identifiers can either be supplied in hexadecimal form as
                   displayed by getent(1), or as a string if the identifier
                   allows such a representation.

                   To remain backward compatible, this action can also be
                   invoked directly by using the utxrm command.

     Because this utility requires write-access to the user accounting
     database, its use is limited to the super-user.

     getent(1), w(1), pututxline(3)

     The utx utility replaced utxrm in FreeBSD 10.0.

     Ed Schouten <>

FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE        February 11, 2012       FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE


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