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utmp_register(8)		    hxtools		      utmp_register(8)

       utmp_register --	make entries in	the utmp/wtmp database

       utmp_register  [-ADUWe]	[-h host] [-l user] [-p	id1] [-s id2] [-t tty]
       [-u utmpfile] [-w wtmpfile]

       utmp_register is	a helper program for programs which do not want	to  do
       the UTMP/WTMP handling within themselves.

       -A     Add entry.

       -D     Delete entry.

       -U     Perform operation	on the utmp file.

       -W     Perform operation	on the wtmp file.

       -e     Encode PID into the "ut_id" field.

       -h host
	      Host field.

       -l user
	      User field.

       -t tty TTY field.

       -p pid Unique ID	1

       -s session
	      Unique ID	2.

       -u file
	      Path to the utmp file, defaults to /var/run/utmp.

       -w file
	      Path to wtmp file, defaults to /var/log/wtmp.

       -A  and	-D  can	be specified together, in which	case an	entry is added
       and instantly removed again (utmp), or a	 login	of  duration  zero  is
       recorded	(wtmp).

See also

hxtools				  2008-02-06		      utmp_register(8)

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