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utimes(2)							     utimes(2)

       utimes -	set file times

       #include	<sys/time.h>

       int utimes(file,	tvp)
       char *file;
       struct timeval *tvp;

       The  call  sets the access and modification times of the	 file named by

       If tvp is NULL, the access and modification times of the	file  are  set
       to  the	current	 time.	 A  process must be the	owner of the file, the
       superuser, or have write	permission to use in this manner.

       If tvp is not NULL, it is assumed to point to an	array of  two  timeval
       structures.   The  access time is set to	the value of the first member,
       and the modification time is set	to the value  of  the  second  member.
       Only the	owner of the file or the super-user may	use in this manner.

       In  either  case, the inode-changed time	of the file is set to the cur-
       rent time.

Return Values
       Upon successful completion, a value of zero (0)	is  returned.	Other-
       wise,  a	 value	of  -1	is  returned, and errno	is set to indicate the

       The system call fails if	one or more of the following are true:

       [EACCES]		   Search permission is	denied for a component of  the
			   path	prefix.

       [EACCES]		   The	tvp argument is	NULL and the caller is not the
			   owner of the	file; write access is denied.

       [EFAULT]		   The file or tvp points outside the process's	 allo-
			   cated address space.

       [EINVAL]		   An  illegal	timeval	 (that is, negative seconds or
			   microseconds	greater	than 999999) was supplied.

       [EIO]		   An I/O error	occurred while reading or writing  the
			   affected inode.

       [ELOOP]		   Too	many symbolic links were encountered in	trans-
			   lating the pathname.

       [ENAMETOOLONG]	   A component of a pathname exceeds  255  characters,
			   or an entire	pathname exceeds 1023 characters.

       [ENOENT]		   The named file does not exist.

       [ENOTDIR]	   A  component	of the path prefix is not a directory.

       [EPERM]		   The tvp argument is not NULL, the caller has	 write
			   access,  the	 caller	 is not	the owner of the file,
			   and the caller is not the superuser.

       [EROFS]		   The file system  containing	the  file  is  mounted

       [ETIMEDOUT]	   A  connect request or remote	file operation failed,
			   because the connected party did not respond after a
			   period  of  time  determined	 by the	communications

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