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USLCOM(4)              FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual              USLCOM(4)

     uslcom - Silicon Laboratories CP2101/CP2102/CP2103/CP2104/CP2105 based
     USB serial adapter

     To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
     kernel configuration file:

           device usb
           device ucom
           device uslcom

     Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the
     following line in loader.conf(5):


     The uslcom driver supports Silicon Laboratories
     CP2101/CP2102/CP2103/CP2104/CP2105 based USB serial adapters.

     The following devices should work with the uslcom driver:

     +o   AC-Services CAN, CIS-IBUS, IBUS and OBD interfaces
     +o   Aerocomm Radio
     +o   AKTACOM ACE-1001 cable
     +o   AMBER Wireless AMB2560
     +o   Arkham DS-101 Adapter
     +o   Argussoft ISP
     +o   Arygon Technologies Mifare RFID Reader
     +o   AVIT Research USB-TTL interface
     +o   B&G H3000 Data Cable
     +o   Balluff RFID reader
     +o   Baltech card reader
     +o   BEI USB VCP Sensor
     +o   Burnside Telecom Desktop Mobile
     +o Crumb128 module
     +o   Clipsal 5000CT2, 5500PACA, 5500PCU, 560884, 5800PC, C5000CT2 and
         L51xx C-Bus Home Automation products
     +o   Commander 2 EDGE(GSM) Modem
     +o   Cygnal Fasttrax GPS and Debug adapter
     +o   DataApex MultiCOM USB to RS232 converter
     +o   Degree Controls USB adapter
     +o   DekTec DTA Plus VHF/UHF Booster
     +o   Dell DW700 GPS Receiver
     +o   Digianswer ZigBee/802.15.4 MAC
     +o   Dynastream ANT Development kits
     +o   Elan USBcount50, USBscope50, USBpulse100 and USBwave12
     +o   ELV USB-I2C interface
     +o   EMS C1007 HF RFID controller
     +o   Festo CPX-USB and CMSP interfaces
     +o   Gemalto Prox-PU/CU contactless card reader
     +o   Helicomm IP-Link 1220-DVM
     +o   IMS USB-RS422 adapter
     +o   Infinity GPS-MIC-1 Radio Monophone
     +o   INSYS Modem
     +o   IRZ SG-10 and MC35pu GSM/GPRS Modems
     +o   Jablotron PC-60B
     +o   Kamstrup M-Bus Master MultiPort 250D and Optical Eye/3 wire utility
         meter interfaces
     +o   Kyocera GPS
     +o   Link Instruments MS-019 and MS-028 Oscilloscope/Logic
         Analyzer/Pattern Generators
     +o   Lipowsky Baby-JTAG, Baby-LIN and HARP-1
     +o   MEI CashFlow SC and Series 2000 cash acceptors
     +o   MJS USB-TOSLINK Adapter
     +o   MobiData GPRS USB Modems
     +o   MSD DashHawk
     +o   Multiplex RC adapter
     +o   Optris MSpro LT Thermometer
     +o   Owen AC4 USB-RS485 converter
     +o   Pirelli DP-L10 SIP phone
     +o   PLX CA-42 Phone cable
     +o   Pololu USB to Serial
     +o   Procyon AVS Mind Machine
     +o   Renesas RX-Stick for RX610
     +o   Siemens MC60 Cable
     +o   Silicon Laboratories generic CP2101/CP2102/CP2103/CP2104/CP2105 chips
     +o   Software Bisque Paramount ME
     +o   SPORTident BSM7-D USB
     +o   Suunto Sports Instrument
     +o   Syntech CipherLab USB Barcode Scanner
     +o   T-Com TC 300 SIP phone
     +o   Tams Master Easy Control
     +o   Telegesis ETRX2USB
     +o   Timewave HamLinkUSB
     +o   Tracient RFID Reader
     +o   Track Systems Traqmate
     +o   Vaisala USB Instrument cable
     +o   VStabi Controller
     +o   WAGO 750-923 USB Service Cable
     +o   WaveSense Jazz Blood Glucose Meter
     +o   WIENER Plein & Baus CML Data Logger, RCM Remote, and PL512 and MPOD
     +o   WMR RIGblaster Plug&Play and RIGtalk RT1
     +o   Zephyr Bioharness

     tty(4), ucom(4), usb(4)

     The uslcom device driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.0.  The first
     FreeBSD release to include it was FreeBSD 7.1.

     The uslcom driver was written by Jonathan Gray <>.

FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE         August 4, 2012         FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE


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