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USLCOM(4)		 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		     USLCOM(4)

     uslcom -- Silicon Laboratories CP2101/CP2102/CP2103/CP2104/CP2105 based
     USB serial	adapter

     To	compile	this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
     kernel configuration file:

	   device usb
	   device ucom
	   device uslcom

     Alternatively, to load the	driver as a module at boot time, place the
     following line in loader.conf(5):


     The uslcom	driver supports	Silicon	Laboratories
     CP2101/CP2102/CP2103/CP2104/CP2105	based USB serial adapters.

     The following devices should work with the	uslcom driver:

     +o	 AC-Services CAN, CIS-IBUS, IBUS and OBD interfaces
     +o	 Aerocomm Radio
     +o	 AKTACOM ACE-1001 cable
     +o	 AMBER Wireless	AMB2560
     +o	 Arkham	DS-101 Adapter
     +o	 Argussoft ISP
     +o	 Arygon	Technologies Mifare RFID Reader
     +o	 AVIT Research USB-TTL interface
     +o	 B&G H3000 Data	Cable
     +o	 Balluff RFID reader
     +o	 Baltech card reader
     +o	 BEI USB VCP Sensor
     +o	 Burnside Telecom Desktop Mobile
     +o Crumb128 module
     +o	 Clipsal 5000CT2, 5500PACA, 5500PCU, 560884, 5800PC, C5000CT2 and
	 L51xx C-Bus Home Automation products
     +o	 Commander 2 EDGE(GSM) Modem
     +o	 Cygnal	Fasttrax GPS and Debug adapter
     +o	 DataApex MultiCOM USB to RS232	converter
     +o	 Degree	Controls USB adapter
     +o	 DekTec	DTA Plus VHF/UHF Booster
     +o	 Dell DW700 GPS	Receiver
     +o	 Digianswer ZigBee/802.15.4 MAC
     +o	 Dynastream ANT	Development kits
     +o	 Elan USBcount50, USBscope50, USBpulse100 and USBwave12
     +o	 ELV USB-I2C interface
     +o	 EMS C1007 HF RFID controller
     +o	 Festo CPX-USB and CMSP	interfaces
     +o	 Gemalto Prox-PU/CU contactless	card reader
     +o	 Helicomm IP-Link 1220-DVM
     +o	 IMS USB-RS422 adapter
     +o	 Infinity GPS-MIC-1 Radio Monophone
     +o	 INSYS Modem
     +o	 IRZ SG-10 and MC35pu GSM/GPRS Modems
     +o	 Jablotron PC-60B
     +o	 Kamstrup M-Bus	Master MultiPort 250D and Optical Eye/3	wire utility
	 meter interfaces
     +o	 Kyocera GPS
     +o	 Link Instruments MS-019 and MS-028 Oscilloscope/Logic Analyzer/Pat-
	 tern Generators
     +o	 Lipowsky Baby-JTAG, Baby-LIN and HARP-1
     +o	 MEI CashFlow SC and Series 2000 cash acceptors
     +o	 MJS USB-TOSLINK Adapter
     +o	 MobiData GPRS USB Modems
     +o	 MSD DashHawk
     +o	 Multiplex RC adapter
     +o	 Optris	MSpro LT Thermometer
     +o	 Owen AC4 USB-RS485 converter
     +o	 Pirelli DP-L10	SIP phone
     +o	 PLX CA-42 Phone cable
     +o	 Pololu	USB to Serial
     +o	 Procyon AVS Mind Machine
     +o	 Renesas RX-Stick for RX610
     +o	 Siemens MC60 Cable
     +o	 Silicon Laboratories generic CP2101/CP2102/CP2103/CP2104/CP2105 chips
     +o	 Software Bisque Paramount ME
     +o	 SPORTident BSM7-D USB
     +o	 Suunto	Sports Instrument
     +o	 Syntech CipherLab USB Barcode Scanner
     +o	 T-Com TC 300 SIP phone
     +o	 Tams Master Easy Control
     +o	 Telegesis ETRX2USB
     +o	 Timewave HamLinkUSB
     +o	 Tracient RFID Reader
     +o	 Track Systems Traqmate
     +o	 Vaisala USB Instrument	cable
     +o	 VStabi	Controller
     +o	 WAGO 750-923 USB Service Cable
     +o	 WaveSense Jazz	Blood Glucose Meter
     +o	 WIENER	Plein &	Baus CML Data Logger, RCM Remote, and PL512 and	MPOD
     +o	 WMR RIGblaster	Plug&Play and RIGtalk RT1
     +o	 Zephyr	Bioharness

     /dev/ttyU*	      for callin ports
     /dev/ttyU*.lock  corresponding callin initial-state and lock-state	de-

     /dev/cuaU*	      for callout ports
     /dev/cuaU*.lock  corresponding callout initial-state and lock-state de-

     tty(4), ucom(4), usb(4)

     The uslcom	device driver first appeared in	OpenBSD	4.0.  The first
     FreeBSD release to	include	it was FreeBSD 7.1.

     The uslcom	driver was written by Jonathan Gray <>.

BSD				April 26, 2017				   BSD


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