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USERQUICK(8)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	  USERQUICK(8)

       userquick - A perl script to automatically create single	user accounts

       userquick [ -dhrsy ] [ -u user information of single user ] [ -g	pri-
       mary group ] [ -b [base directory for $HOME] ] [	-S [smbpasswd bi-
       nary] ] [ -o [Output file] ] [ -m [minimum password length] ]
       [ -x [maximum password length] ]	[  -D [descriptors] ] [	-G [mem-
       ber groups] ]

       userquick creates a single user account based on	information given on
       the command line. The possible command line options are:

       -d   Enable the "dupe engine" which tries to "bruteforce" a username
	    that doesn't exist yet by appending	one or two random characters
	    to already existing	usernames it encounters. This is disabled by

       -h   Display usage information.

       -r   Create strong passwords which means	completely random strings of
	    misc case letters, special characters and numbers with a length of
	    10 characters (if no different length is specified using the -m
	    and	-x switches). By default this is disabled and the script cre-
	    ates passwords that	are only composed of random lowercase letters
	    with a length of 8 characters.

       -s   Create Samba accounts in addition to traditional unix accounts. By
	    default this is disabled.

       -y   Append the "school year" to	the GECOS field	which is the period
	    between some day in	September and some day in July and is there-
	    fore composed of two calender years. I only	included this because
	    I originally wrote this script for creating	user accounts on my
	    school's network. If you need this option you probably know	what
	    I'm	talking	about, if not you can safely ignore this as it is dis-
	    abled by default anyway.

       -g [primary group]
	    Specify the	primary	group for the users to be created, defaults to

       -G [member group1;member	group2;...]
	    Specify a semicolon	separated list of member groups	for the	users
	    to be created.

       -B [directory]
	    Specify the	directory where	the home directories of	the created
	    users will be placed. Defaults to "/home/$group" where $group is
	    the	primary	group of the users.

       -S [location of smbpasswd(8)]
	    Specify the	location of smbpasswd(8). Defaults to "/usr/lo-
	    cal/bin/smbpasswd".	This implies -s.

       -m [minimum password length]
	    Specify the	minimum	password length. This overrides	the default
	    value of 8 characters (no -r option	given) or 10 characters	(-r
	    option given).

       -x [maximum passsword length]
	    Specify the	maximum	password length. This overrides	the default
	    value of 8 characters (no -r option	given) or 10 characters	(-r
	    option given).

       -D [descriptor1;descriptor2;...]
	    Specify a semicolon	separated list of descriptors for the fields
	    in the argument to the -u option. The length of this list has to
	    match the actual fields being present.


       Johannes	Grassler <>

1.36				  2003-07-26			  USERQUICK(8)


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