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urxvt-tabbed(1)			 RXVT-UNICODE		       urxvt-tabbed(1)

       tabbed -	tabbed interface to urxvt

       This transforms the terminal into a tabbar with additional terminals,
       that is,	it implements what is commonly referred	to as "tabbed
       terminal". The topmost line displays a "[NEW]" button, which, when
       clicked,	will add a new tab, followed by	one button per tab.

       Clicking	a button will activate that tab. Pressing Shift-Left and
       Shift-Right will	switch to the tab left or right	of the current one,
       while Shift-Down	creates	a new tab. Pressing Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right
       will renumber the current tab by	moving it to the left or to the	right.

       The tabbar itself can be	configured similarly to	a normal terminal, but
       with a resource class of	"URxvt.tabbed".	In addition, it	supports the
       following four resources	(shown with defaults):

	  URxvt.tabbed.tabbar-fg: <colour-index, default 3>
	  URxvt.tabbed.tabbar-bg: <colour-index, default 0>	  <colour-index, default 0>	  <colour-index, default 1>

       See COLOR AND GRAPHICS in the @@RXVT_NAME@@(1) manpage for valid

9.22				  2017-07-02		       urxvt-tabbed(1)


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