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urxvt-selection-popup(1)	 RXVT-UNICODE	      urxvt-selection-popup(1)

       selection-popup (enabled	by default)

       Binds a popup menu to Ctrl-Button3 that lets you	paste the X selections
       and either modify or use	the internal selection text in various ways
       (such as	uri unescaping,	perl evaluation, web-browser starting etc.),
       depending on content.

       Other extensions	can extend this	popup menu by pushing a	code reference
       onto "@{	$term->{selection_popup_hook} }", which	gets called whenever
       the popup is being displayed.

       Its sole	argument is the	popup menu, which can be modified. The
       selection is in $_, which can be	used to	decide whether to add
       something or not.  It should either return nothing or a string and a
       code reference. The string will be used as button text and the code
       reference will be called	when the button	gets activated and should
       transform $_.

       The following will add an entry "a to b"	that transforms	all "a"s in
       the selection to	"b"s, but only if the selection	currently contains any

	  push @{ $self->{term}{selection_popup_hook} }, sub {
	     /a/ ? ("a to b" =>	sub { s/a/b/g }
		 : ()

9.22				  2020-08-28	      urxvt-selection-popup(1)


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