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urxvt-selection-autotransform(1) RXVT-UNICODE urxvt-selection-autotransform(1)

       selection-autotransform - automatically transform select	text

       This selection allows you to do automatic transforms on a selection
       whenever	a selection is made.

       It works	by specifying perl snippets (most useful is a single "s///"
       operator) that modify $_	as resources:

	  URxvt.selection-autotransform.0: transform
	  URxvt.selection-autotransform.1: transform

       For example, the	following will transform selections of the form
       "filename:number", often	seen in	compiler messages, into	"vi +$filename

	  URxvt.selection-autotransform.0: s/^([^:[:space:]]+):(\\d+):?$/vi +$2	\\Q$1\\E\\x0d/

       And this	example	matches	the same,but replaces it with vi-commands you
       can paste directly into your (vi	:) editor:

	  URxvt.selection-autotransform.0: s/^([^:[:space:]]+(\\d+):?$/:e \\Q$1\\E\\x0d:$2\\x0d/

       Of course, this can be modified to suit your needs and your editor :)

       To expand the example above to typical perl error messages ("XXX	at
       FILENAME	line YYY."), you need a	slightly more elaborate	solution:

	  URxvt.selection.pattern-0: ( at .*? line \\d+[,.])
	  URxvt.selection-autotransform.0: s/^ at (.*?)	line (\\d+)[,.]$/:e \\Q$1\E\\x0d:$2\\x0d/

       The first line tells the	selection code to treat	the unchanging part of
       every error message as a	selection pattern, and the second line
       transforms the message into vi commands to load the file.

9.22				  2020-08-28  urxvt-selection-autotransform(1)


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