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UPDATE_LEAP(1update-leapmdoc)	     User	 UPDATE_LEAP(1update-leapmdoc)

     update-leap -- leap-seconds file manager/updater

     update-leap [-flags] [-flag [value]] [--option-name[[=| ]value]]

		 All arguments must be options.

     update-leap will validate the file	currently on the local system and if
     necessary,	updates	leap-second definition file.

     Ordinarily, the file is found using the "leapfile"	directive in
     ntp.conf(5).  However, an alternate location can be specified on the com-
     mand line.

     If	the file does not exist, is not	valid, has expired, or is expiring
     soon, a new copy will be downloaded.  If the new copy validates, it is
     installed and NTP is (optionally) restarted.

     If	the current file is acceptable,	no download or restart occurs.

     -c	can also be used to invoke another script to perform administrative
     functions,	e.g. to	copy the file to other local systems.  This can	be run
     as	a cron job.  As	the file is rarely updated, and	leap seconds are an-
     nounced at	least one month	in advance (usually longer), it	need not be
     run more frequently than about once every three weeks.  For cron-friendly
     behavior, define CRONJOB=1	in the crontab.	 This script depends on$RE-

     -s	string,	--source-url=string
	     The URL of	the master copy	of the leapseconds file.

	     Specify the URL of	the master copy	to download $LEAPSRC

     -4, --ipv4
	     Use only IPv4 addresses for DNS name resolution.  This option
	     must not appear in	combination with any of	the following options:

		     Force DNS resolution of following host names on the com-
	     mand line
		     to	the IPv4 namespace.
		     _EndOfDoc_; };

	     flag = {
		 name	   = ipv6;
		 flags-cant = ipv4, prefer;
		 value	   = 6;
		 descrip   = "Use only IPv6 addresses for DNS name resolu-
		 doc = <<-  _EndOfDoc_
		     Force DNS resolution of following host names on the com-
	     mand line
		     to	the IPv6 namespace.
		     _EndOfDoc_; };

	     flag = {
		 name	     = prefer;
		 flags-cant = ipv4, ipv6;
		 value = p;
		 arg-type    = keyword;
		 keyword    = 4, 6;
		 descrip     = 'Prefer IPv4 or IPv6 (as	specified) addresses,
	     but use either';
		 doc	     = <<-  _EndOfDoc_ Prefer IPv4 or IPv6 (as speci-
	     fied) addresses, but use either.

     -d	float, --destination=float
	     Filename on the local system.

	     The name to use to	store the leapfile on the local	system.

     -e	string,	--expiration=string
	     Refresh the leapfile this long before it expires.

	     Specify how long before expiration	the file is to be refreshed
	     Units are required, e.g. "-e 60 days"  Note that larger values
	     imply more	frequent refreshes.  "$PREFETCH"

     -f	string,	--ntp-conf-file=string
	     Location of the ntp.conf file.

	     Specify location of ntp.conf (used	to make	sure leapfile direc-
	     tive is present and to default  leapfile) /etc/ntp.conf

     -F, --force-update
	     Force update of the leapfile.

	     Force update even if current file is OK and not close to expir-

	     Don't wait	for keystroke between plots.

     -?, --help
	     Display usage information and exit.

     -!, --more-help
	     Pass the extended usage information through a pager.

     -v	[{v|c|n	--version [{v|c|n}]}]
	     Output version of program and exit.  The default mode is `v', a
	     simple version.  The `c' mode will	print copyright	information
	     and `n' will print	the full copyright notice.

     Usage stuff

     One of the	following exit values will be returned:

	     Successful	program	execution.

	     The operation failed or the command syntax	was not	valid.

     70	 (EX_SOFTWARE)
	     libopts had an internal operational error.	 Please	report it to  Thank you.

     Timothe Litt

     This manual page was AutoGen-erated from the update-leap option defini-

FreeBSD	13.0			 June 23 2020			  FreeBSD 13.0


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