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UMSM(4)		       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		       UMSM(4)

     umsm -- Qualcomm MSM modem	device

     umsm* at uhub?
     ucom* at umsm?

     The umsm driver supports Qualcomm MSM modem adapters.  The	MSM chipset is
     found in EVDO, UMTS and LTE capable modems.  Typically these are CardBus
     and PCI Express Mini Cards	that incorporate a USB controller with the ac-
     tual device attached to it.

     The following devices are known to	work with the umsm driver:

	   Device				     Bus
	   AirPrime PC5220			     CardBus
	   Alcatel One Touch X060		     USB
	   Alcatel One Touch X200		     USB
	   Alcatel One Touch X210		     USB
	   Alcatel One Touch X220		     USB
	   AnyDATA ADU-500A			     USB
	   AnyDATA ADU-E100H			     USB
	   AnyDATA A2502			     USB
	   C-motech CNU	680			     USB
	   Emobile D01HW (Huawei OEM)		     USB
	   Emobile D02HW (Huawei OEM)		     USB
	   Emobile D12HW (Huawei OEM)		     USB
	   Emobile D22HW (Huawei OEM)		     USB
	   Emobile D31HW (Huawei OEM)		     USB
	   Emobile H12HW (Huawei OEM)		     USB
	   Emobile D21LC (longcheer OEM)	     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E156G			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E160E			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E161			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E160g			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E1692			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E172			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E173			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E173s			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E180			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E181			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E182			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E220			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E303			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E352			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E353			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E392			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E510			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E1550			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E1750			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E1752			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E1820			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile E3372			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile EM770W			     PCI Express Mini Card
	   Huawei Mobile K4510			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile K4511			     USB
	   Huawei Mobile Connect E169g		     USB
	   Huawei Mobile Connect E618		     USB
	   Huawei Mobile Connect E620		     USB
	   IIJMobile 120FU (ZTE	OEM)		     USB
	   Kyocera KPC650			     CardBus
	   Medion Mobile S4012 (Huawei E1550 OEM)    USB
	   Medion Mobile S4222 (MediaTek OEM)	     USB
	   Novatel Wireless ES620		     USB
	   Novatel Wireless Ovation U727	     USB
	   Novatel Wireless U760		     USB
	   NTT DoCoMo A2502			     USB
	   ONDA	Communication H600		     CardBus
	   ONDA	Communication MSA110UP		     USB
	   Option GlobeSurfer iCON 7.2		     USB
	   Option GlobeTrotter 3G+		     CardBus
	   Option GlobeTrotter 3G Quad		     CardBus
	   Option GlobeTrotter 3G Quad Plus	     CardBus
	   Option GlobeTrotter GT Fusion	     CardBus
	   Option GlobeTrotter GT Max		     CardBus
	   Option GlobeTrotter HSDPA		     USB
	   Option iCON 225			     USB
	   Option iCON 505			     USB
	   Option GlobeTrotter HSUPA 380E	     PCI Express Mini Card
	   Sierra Wireless MC8755		     PCI Express Mini Card
	   Sierra Wireless MC8775		     PCI Express Mini Card
	   Sierra Wireless MC8790		     PCI Express Mini Card
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 580		     CardBus
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 875		     CardBus
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 881		     CardBus
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U		     USB
	   Sierra Wireless Inc.	USB 305		     USB
	   Simcom SIM7600E			     PCI Express Mini Card
	   Softbank C01SW (Sierra OEM)		     USB
	   Toshiba 3G HSDPA MiniCard		     PCI Express Mini Card
	   Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G		     CardBus
	   Vodafone Mobile Broadband K3765	     USB
	   Vodafone Mobile Broadband K3772	     USB
	   ZTE AC2746				     USB
	   ZTE MF112				     USB
	   ZTE MF190				     USB
	   ZTE MF633				     USB
	   ZTE MF637				     USB

     Devices suspected of being	compatible are:

	   Device				Bus
	   Dell	W5500				PCI Express Mini Card
	   Huawei E270+				USB
	   Huawei E1690				USB
	   Huawei E1762				USB
	   Novatel Wireless ExpressCard		ExpressCard
	   Novatel Wireless Merlin V620		CardBus
	   Novatel Wireless Merlin V740		CardBus
	   Novatel Wireless Merlin X950D	ExpressCard
	   Novatel Wireless MC950D		USB
	   Novatel Wireless S720		CardBus
	   Novatel Wireless U720		USB
	   Novatel Wireless U740		CardBus
	   Novatel Wireless U870		CardBus
	   Novatel Wireless V720		CardBus
	   Novatel Wireless X950D		ExpressCard
	   Novatel Wireless XU870 HSDPA		ExpressCard
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 595		CardBus
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 597E		CardBus
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 880		CardBus
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 880E		ExpressCard
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 880U		USB
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 881E		ExpressCard
	   Sierra Wireless AirCard 885U		USB
	   Sierra Wireless C597			USB
	   Sierra Wireless EM5625		USB
	   Sierra Wireless MC5720		PCI Express Mini Card
	   Sierra Wireless MC5725		PCI Express Mini Card
	   Sierra Wireless MC8765		PCI Express Mini Card
	   Sierra Wireless MC8780		PCI Express Mini Card
	   Sierra Wireless MC8781		PCI Express Mini Card

     Some modems have multiple serial ports, however almost all	modems have
     only one effective	serial port for	PPP connections.  For example, the
     Huawei E220 has two serial	ports, but only	the first port can be used to
     make connections; the second one is for management.  The Option Globe-
     Trotter HSDPA/HSUPA modems	have three serial ports, but only the last
     port can be used to make PPP connections.	The Medion Mobile S4222	has
     four serial ports,	but only the first port	can be used to make connec-

     Some modems require multi-link PPP	operation.  For	example, the Huawei
     E1550 has four serial ports.  When	initiating a connection, the control
     commands have to be issued	on the third port, and after that the actual
     PPP connection comes up on	the first port.	 The function of the second
     and fourth	ports is unknown.

     An	example	demand dial configuration for Cingular Wireless	using pppd(8):


	   TIMEOUT 10
	   '' ATZ OK AT&F OK
	   AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","isp.cingular" OK
	   ATD*99***1# CONNECT


	   active-filter 'not udp port 123'
	   idle	600
	   connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/ppp/cingular-chat"


	   # Secrets for authentication	using CHAP
	   # client		   server  secret	   IP addresses	   *	   CINGULAR1

     pppd(8) is	then started using:

	   # pppd call ac875

     ucom(4), uhub(4), usb(4), pppd(8)

     The umsm device driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.0.

     The umsm driver was written by Jonathan Gray <> and	Yojiro
     UO	<>.

     For Verizon Wireless (and possibly	other services), cards require a one-
     time activation before they will work; umsm does not currently support

     The additional IEEE 802.11	wireless chipset found in the Option Globe-
     Trotter GT	FUSION is not yet supported.

FreeBSD	13.0			April 11, 2018			  FreeBSD 13.0


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