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ubench(8)		 Linux System Manager's	Manual		     ubench(8)

       ubench -	Unix Benchmark Utility

       ubench [-cmhs]

       ubench  is an attempt to	introduce a single measure of perfomance among
       machines	running	various	flavors	of Unix.

       Ubench is executing rather senseless mathematical integer and floating-
       point calculations for 3	mins concurrently using	several	processes, and
       the result is Ubench CPU	benchmark. The ratio of	floating-point	calcu-
       lations	to integer is about 1:3.  Ubench will spawn about 2 concurrent
       processes for each CPU available	on the system. This ensures all	avail-
       able raw	CPU horsepower is used.

       Ubench  is  executing  rather senseless memory allocation and memory to
       memory copying operations for another 3 mins concurrently using several
       processes, and the result is Ubench MEM benchmark.

       Ubench  will  take  an  average of CPU and MEM benchmarks and calculate
       Ubench AVG benchmark which is supposed to represent the true  computing
       power of	the system.

       -c     With this	flag ubench will only execute CPU benchmark.

       -m     With this	flag ubench will only execute MEM benchmark.

       -s     Prevents	ubench	from  spawning	multiple  processes. This will
	      force ubench to use only 1 CPU on	the system and the result will
	      be Ubench	Single CPU and Ubench Single MEM benchmarks.

       -h     Prints usage information.

       The  documentation  on ubench and current list of ubench	benchmarks are
       available at

       The ratio which CPU and MEM scores contribute to	the CPU	and MEM	bench-
       marks,  and  to the final AVG benchmark has been	calculated so that CPU
       and MEM scores averaged over several widely different computer  systems
       are  equal  to  each  other  and	make equal contribution	to average AVG
       score. As more and more benchmarks are available,  the  ratio  will  be
       calculated more precisely.

       Sergei Viznyuk <>

ubench 0.3		       21 February 2000			     ubench(8)


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