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types32.h(3HEAD)		    Headers		      types32.h(3HEAD)

       types32.h, types32 - fixed-width	data types

       #include	<sys/types32.h>

       The  following fixed-width data types defined in	<sys/types32.h>	corre-
       spond to	the sign and sizes of types in the 32-bit environment that can
       be  used	 for compatibility and interoperability	purposes in either the
       32-bit or 64-bit	environment.

       typedef		    int32_t		  blkcnt32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  caddr32_t
       typedef		    int32_t		  clock32_t
       typedef		    int32_t		  daddr32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  dev32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  fsblkcnt32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  fsfilcnt32_t
       typedef		    int32_t		  gid32_t
       typedef		    int32_t		  id32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  ino32_t
       typedef		    int32_t		  key32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  major32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  minor32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  mode32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  nlink32_t
       typedef		    int32_t		  pid32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  rlim32_t
       typedef		    uint32_t		  size32_t
       typedef		    int32_t		  ssize32_t
       typedef		    time32_t		  int32_t
       typedef		    uid32_t		  int32_t

SunOS 5.10			  30 Oct 1997		      types32.h(3HEAD)


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