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TXTCONV(1)		    General Commands Manual		    TXTCONV(1)

       txtconv	- A tool to apply TECkit mappings to convert the encoding of a
       plain text file

       txtconv -i inFile -o outFile [-t	tecFile] [-r] [-if inForm]  [-of  out-
       Form] [-nobom] [-nf[cd]]	[-u n]

       Required	arguments:

       -i <file>
	      input file

       -o <file>
	      output file

       Optional	arguments:

       -t <file>
	      compiled TECkit mapping (.tec) file

       -r     reverse (RHS->LHS, or Unicode->Byte) mapping

       -if <form>
	      input encoding form

       -of <form>
	      output encoding form

       -nobom don't write a BOM	to Unicode output

	      apply NFC	or NFD normalization to	Unicode	output

       -u <n> handling of unmappable input:

	      o	0 = use	replacement character

	      o	1 = use	replacement but	generate warning

	      o	2 = stop conversion

       Encoding	forms:

	      bytes utf8 utf16be utf16le utf16 utf32be utf32le utf32

Further	Information
       For further information see the document	TECkit_Tools.pdf.  On a	Debian
       system, this can	be found in /usr/share/doc/teckit.

TECkit				  2015-11-13			    TXTCONV(1)

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