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TWITMAIL(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	   TWITMAIL(1)

       twitmail	- Because some tweets you just can't afford to miss

   Curses Interface
       Simply run "twitmail" and fill out the preferences and get started!

   Command Line
       Or you can use the command line interface:

       Read new	twits:

	 # twitmail -l
	 ---- friends ---------------------------------------------------------
	 01 Tue	18:33 airsax	 woohoo	finally	my DSP board plays nice	with my
				 macbook!!!  i've spent	on and off the last 3
				 or 4 weeks working on this!
	 02	18:38 canusis	 how does it always get	to be 7pm, and I haven't
				 even gotten started on	any work yet?
				 tomorrow won't	be any better, meetings	from
	 03	19:10 andrewsf	 After 4 crashes in 5 minutes, I'm wondering if
				 paper would be	a more productive
				 alterrnative to Microsoft Word.

       Update your status:

	 # twitmail -u is writing documentation	for twitmail

       Reply to	an existing post (#3 ... @NAME is auto-added):

	 # twitmail -r 3 Maybe you should write	your paper in tweets

       Check for new updates (note how replies to me (@hardaker) are singled

	 # twitmail
	 ---- replies ------------------------------------------------------
	 01 Tue	20:13 jasonsalas @hardaker here's that @metajack post about
				 bot design...good stuff!
	 ---- friends ------------------------------------------------------
	 02 Tue	20:24 hardaker	 @andrewsf Maybe you should write your paper
				 in tweets

       twitmail	implementas a "mail-like" interface to twitter.	 In
       particular, it presents it's data in a mail-reader like iterface	where
       incoming	tweets are represented as "new"	when you haven't read them.
       It provides "reply" and "forward" actions so you	can reply and retweet
       to the things you're staring at.	 Tweets	are kept locally in your local
       database	so searching through past tweets is easy with it's search
       facility.  And most importantly,	it tries to collect "all the tweets
       since the last time you read it", unlike	the web	interfaces that	only
       show you	the last 20 or so.  It's designed so you never miss those
       important tweets	from friends!

       To get started, simply run "twitmail" and it'll throw you into the
       configuration section where you can fill	out your twitter account
       information and a few other settings.  Save the settings	and you'll be
       placed into the reading interface with a	few "help" tweets in it.
       There is	a "help" line at the bottom of the page	that shows you some of
       the key bindings.  The ">" key will rotate through showing these
       helpful keybinds.

       twitmail	also provides a	command-line client to keep track of tweets
       that have occured.  Yes,	I have fancy graphical clients to do that too.
       But, most of them don't easily show replies to my previous mesasges
       without scrolling back a	ways.  Especially when I've been gone for 3
       days.  So, twitmail was designed	to accomodate that need	and just print
       a quick summary of tweets that have arrived.

OPTIONS	(commnad line usage only)
       -a  Shows all messages, not just	the most recent.

       -m MODES
	   MODES is a comma separated list of things to	show:

	       Replies sent to you

	       Updates from friends

	       Show updates from all the world.

	   The default value is	friends,replies

       -u MESSAGE
	   Updates your	twitter	status to MESSAGE

       -r NUM MESSAGE
	   Replies to a	particular message NUM.	 A @user prefix	will
	   automatically be added so all you need is the message number	(the
	   left	most column in the output).

       -f USER
	   Follows a particular	USER.  Doesn't seem to work yet.

       -S  Tells twitmail not to save the configuration	again.	In particular,
	   this	means that it will not remember	you've just read the messages
	   you've read and you'll see them again next time.

       -n COUNT
	   Only	displays COUNT messages.

	   (has	an issue with some modes)

       Things on the todo list:

       -   Make	replies	indented and next to other messages

       -   Detect that not enough messages could be retrieved and realize you
	   skipped some.

       Wes Hardaker <hardaker ATAT>

       AKA "hardaker" on, IRC, and other places

perl v5.32.1			  2009-08-21			   TWITMAIL(1)

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