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TV_GRAB_FR_KAZER(1)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  TV_GRAB_FR_KAZER(1)

       tv_grab_fr_kazer	- Grab TV listings from	Kazer in France.

       tv_grab_fr_kazer	--help

       tv_grab_fr_kazer	--configure [--config-file FILE]

       tv_grab_fr_kazer	[--config-file FILE]
			[--days	N] [--offset N]	[--channel
			[--output FILE]	[--quiet] [--debug]

       tv_grab_fr_kazer	--list-channels	[--config-file FILE]
			[--output FILE]	[--quiet] [--debug]

       Output TV and listings in XMLTV format for many stations	available in
       France. This program consumes the EPG service offering from Kazer at
       <>.	 See TODO INSERTLINKHERE for their terms of
       service.	(automatic translation suggests	it's free for personal use,
       verification appreciated)

       First you must register an account at and choose which
       stations	you want to receive.

       Then run	tv_grab_fr_kazer --configure to	setup the grabber with your
       userhash	and maybe filter the channels. (in case	you feed multiple
       consumers with data from	one account, like using	different
       configurations for tv cable and iptv channels)

       After these two steps running tv_grab_fr_kazer with no arguments	will
       get a listings for the stations you chose for all available days
       including today.

       ATTENTION: The downloaded data is cached	for one	hour, so if you	add
       channels	to your	account	it can take up to one hour until they are
       returned	from the grabber. You can remove the downloaded	guide to force
       an immediate refresh by deleting	the guide from the supplementry	file
       cache. On Unix like system it is	by default at
       ~/.xmltv/supplement/<your userhash>.

       --configure Prompt for which stations to	download and write the
       configuration file.

       Note that due to	the format of the source data, tv_grab_fr_kazer	always
       downloads data for all channels that have been selected on
       Removing	channels from the configuration	in order to speed up downloads
       or reduce data transfer will therefore not work.

       --config-file FILE Set the name of the configuration file, the default
       is ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_fr_kazer.conf.  This	is the file written by
       --configure and read when grabbing.

       --output	FILE When grabbing, write output to FILE rather	than standard

       --days N	When grabbing, grab N days rather than everything available.

       --offset	N Start	grabbing at today + N days.

       Note that due to	the format of the source data, tv_grab_fr_kazer	always
       downloads data for all available	days and then filters for days
       specified with --days and --offset. Specifying --days and/or --offset
       in order	to speed up downloads or reduce	data transfer will therefore
       not work.

       --quiet Only print error-messages on STDERR.

       --debug Provide more information	on progress to stderr to help in

       --list-channels	  Output a list	of all channels	that data is available
			     for. The list is in xmltv-format.

       --capabilities Show which capabilities the grabber supports. For	more
       information, see	<>

       --version Show the version of the grabber.

       --help Print a help message and exit.

       If the grabber fails to download	data from, it	will print an
       errormessage to STDERR and then exit with a status code of 1 to
       indicate	that the data is missing.

       The environment variable	HOME can be set	to change where	configuration
       files are stored. All configuration is stored in	$HOME/.xmltv/. On
       Windows,	it might be necessary to set HOME to a path without spaces in

       Grabber written by Karl Dietz, dekarl -at- users	-dot- sourceforge
       -dot- net as a an example on how	to wrap	a file download	into a well
       formed grabber.	This documentation copied from tv_grab_cz by Mattias
       Holmlund, This documentation copied from	tv_grab_uk by Ed Avis, ed -at-
       membled -dot- com. Original grabber by Jiri Kaderavek, jiri -dot-
       kaderavek -at- webstep -dot- net	with modifications by Petr Stehlik,
       pstehlik	-at- sophics -dot- cz.

       Data provided via web service from Check their terms of

       None known.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-27		   TV_GRAB_FR_KAZER(1)


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