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TV_GRAB_DTV_LA(1)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    TV_GRAB_DTV_LA(1)

       tv_grab_dtv_la -	Grab TV	listings for Direct TV Latin America

       tv_grab_dtv_la --help

       tv_grab_dtv_la [--config-file FILE] --configure [--gui OPTION]

       tv_grab_dtv_la [--config-file FILE] [--output FILE] [--days N]
		      [--offset	N] [--min-delay	N] [--max-delay	N] [--quiet]

       tv_grab_dtv_la --list-channels --loc [ar	| cb | cl | co | ec | pe | pr
       | uy | ve]

       tv_grab_dtv_la --capabilities

       tv_grab_dtv_la --version

       Output TV listings for Direct TV	channels available in Latin America.
       Listings	for the	following countries are	currently available:
       Argentina, Caribbean ('cb'), Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto
       Rico, Trinidad, Uruguay,	Venezuela.

       The TV listings come from The grabber
       relies on parsing HTML so it might stop working at any time.

       First run tv_grab_dtv_la	--configure to choose, first of	all your
       country and then	which channels you want	to download. Then running
       tv_grab_dtv_la with no arguments	will output listings in	XML format to
       standard	output.

       The grabber doesn't generate stop times,	so you may want	to run tv_sort
       on the output to	generate them.

       --configure Prompt for which channels, and write	the configuration

       --config-file FILE Set the name of the configuration file, the default
       is ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_dtv_la.conf.	 This is the file written by
       --configure and read when grabbing.

       --gui OPTION Use	this option to enable a	graphical interface to be
       used.  OPTION may be 'Tk', or left blank	for the	best available choice.
       Additional allowed values of OPTION are 'Term' for normal terminal
       output (default)	and 'TermNoProgressBar'	to disable the use of

       --output	FILE Write to FILE rather than standard	output.

       --days N	Grab N days.  The default is 3.

       --offset	N Start	N days in the future.  The default is to start from

       --min-delay N You must insert a delay between page requests to avoid
       unnecessary load	on the website.	If you try to grab pages too quickly
       then it's likely	you will get banned by the website providers (and may
       get all other xmltv users banned	as well!).  Suggested value: 1

       --max-delay N Maximum delay between web page fetches.  Suggested	value:
       3 (seconds)

       --quiet Suppress	the progress messages normally written to standard

       --capabilities Show which capabilities the grabber supports. For	more
       information, see	<>

       --version Show the version of the grabber.

       --help Print a help message and exit.

       xmltv(5), tv_grab_ar.

       Most of the grabber was made by Lic. Christian A. Rodriguez
       <>,	with a lot of help from	others,	specially
       Joaquin Salvarredy <> who tested the
       grabber from its	early versions and Lic.	Nicolas	Macia

       This grabber extracts all information from Direct TV Latin America
       website.	Any change in this web page may	cause this grabber to stop

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-27		     TV_GRAB_DTV_LA(1)


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