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tttracefile(special file)			     tttracefile(special file)

       tttracefile -- script of	settings for ToolTalk tracing


       A tttrace script	contains settings that control ToolTalk	calls and mes-
       sages.  A tttrace script	consists of commands separated	by  semicolons
       or newlines.  The first command must be the version command.

       If conflicting values are given for a setting, the last value wins.

       version n The  version of the tttracefile command syntax	used. The cur-
		 rent version is 1.

       follow [off | on]
		 Sets whether to follow	all  children  forked  by  the	traced
		 client	or subsequently	started	in the traced session. Default
		 is off.

       [> | >>]	outfile
		 File to be used for the trace output. By default, trace  out-
		 put  goes to standard error. Normal sh(1) interpretation of _
		 and __	applies.

       functions [all |	none | func...]
		 ToolTalk API functions	to  trace.   func  may	include	 sh(1)
		 wildcard characters. Default is all.

       attributes [all | none]
		 none  means use only a	single line when printing a message on
		 the trace output.  all	means print all	attributes, arguments,
		 and context slots of traced messages. Default is none.

       states [none | edge | deliver | dispatch	| Tt_state]...
		 State(s)  through which to trace messages. In addition	to the
		 Tt_states defined in tt_c.h, valid states are:

		    o  none - disable all message tracing

		    o  edge - messages entering	initial	 (TT_SENT)  and	 final
		       (TT_HANDLED, TT_FAILED) states.

		    o  deliver - all state changes and all client deliveries.

		    o  dispatch	- deliver + all	patterns considered for	match-
		       ing. (default)

       ops toTrace...

       sender_ptypes toTrace...

       handler_ptypes toTrace...
		 Trace messages	that have toTrace as a value for the indicated
		 message  attribute.  toTrace may include sh(1)	wildcard char-
		 acters.  If no	toTrace	argument is included for a given  mes-
		 sage  attribute,  then	 no value of that attribute excludes a
		 message from tracing.

       A word beginning	with # causes that word	and all	the following  charac-
       ters up to a newline to be ignored.

       To  trace  all  attribute-getting  and  -setting	messages sent by ptype
       starting	with "Dt",

		 version 1 ops Get* Set* sender_ptypes Dt*

		 To trace only ToolTalk	function calls (but not	messages) in a
		 process tree,

		 version 1; follow on; states none

       ttsession(1), tttrace(1), the Session_Trace() ToolTalk request

						     tttracefile(special file)


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