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TSQL(FreeTDS)		   FreeTDS Reference Manual		 TSQL(FreeTDS)

     tsql -- utility to	test FreeTDS connections and queries

     tsql {-S servername [-I interface]	| -H hostname [-L] [-p port]}
	  [-D dbname] [-U username] [-P	password] [-o options]
     tsql -C

     tsql is a FreeTDS diagnostic tool.	It uses	the TDS	protocol to connect to
     a Sybase or Microsoft SQL Server, and lets	the user issue queries.	 tsql
     does not use the FreeTDS client libraries.	Instead, it uses only the low-
     est level library,	libtds,	to test	the protocol implementation.

     tsql can be run in	two ways, one which uses the freetds.conf and one
     which connects directly using the server's	hostname and port.  The	-H and
     -p	parameters are provided	to let the user	verify a server	is listening
     on	the named host and port. These parameters override any configuration
     files and environment variables.  The -S parameter	can be used to test
     the local configuration. FreeTDS will use freetds.conf (or	equivalent)
     and environment variables in the normal way to determine the server's IP
     address and port. You can use -I to specify a filename, overriding
     FreeTDS's configuration file search algorithm.

     -S	servername
	     database server to	which to connect.

     -D	dbname
	     database to use.

     -I	interface
	     freetds.conf or interfaces	file describing	servername.

     -H	hostname
	     DNS hostname of the server.

     -p	port
	     port at which SQL Server is listening.

     -U	username
	     database login name. If username is not provided, a domain	login
	     is	attempted for TDS 7+ connections.

     -P	password
	     database password.

     -L	     list Microsoft server instances (with -H).

     -C	     print some	of the compile-time configuration parameters.

     -o	options
	     apply the options specified to every command.

	     -f	     No	footer [result count]

	     -h	     No	header [titles]

	     -t	     Print time

	     -v	     Print version

	     -q	     Quiet

     -a	appname
	     application name.

     -t	colterm
	     column terminator.

     -r	rowterm
	     row terminator.

     -r	rowterm
	     row terminator.

     -J	charset
	     character set.

     -v	     verbose mode.

     If	you can	connect	with `tsql -S servername', your	basic FreeTDS instal-
     lation is working.

     Typing `exit', `quit', or `bye' (or ^D) exits tsql.

     Typing `version' displays the TDS protocol	version.

     Command batches may be separated with `go'	or `GO'.  If `GO' the version
     string is reported	before executing the batch.

     After prompting for the password (if not provided with -P), tsql will at-
     tempt to connect to the remote server.  tsql displays a counter indicat-
     ing the number of seconds elapsed during the connection attempt. Typi-
     cally, tsql immediately responds with a `1>' prompt. If you see the
     counter (1, 2, 3, ...), most likely tsql is unable	to connect to the in-
     dicated server.

     tsql is not a replacement for a complete isql such	as sqsh
     (  If you have suggestions for ways to make tsql more use-
     ful as a diagnostic tool, please post them	to the FreeTDS mailing list
     for consideration.

     tsql first	appeared in FreeTDS 0.60.

     The tsql utility was written by Brian Bruns.

     Several, to be sure, now that it's	documented. :)

FreeTDS	dev.1.3.7		March 25, 2015		     FreeTDS dev.1.3.7


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