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TSK_LOADDB(1)		    General Commands Manual		 TSK_LOADDB(1)

       tsk_loaddb - populate a SQLite database with metadata from a disk image

       tsk_loaddb  [-ahkvV] [ -i imgtype ] [ -b	dev_sector_size	] [ -i imgtype
       ] [ -d database ] image [images]

       tsk_loaddb loads	disk information from  image  to  a  SQLite  database.
       This  database  can then	be used	by tools in other languages for	analy-
       sis. By default,	the database is	stored in the same  directory  as  the
       image with ".db"	appended to the	name or	the database name can be spec-
       ified with '-d'.

       The arguments are as follows:

       -a     Adds image to an existing	database instead  of  creating	a  new
	      one.  Requires that -d be	also specified.

       -d database
	      Path  for	the database (default is the same directory as the im-
	      age with name derived from image name

       -v     verbose output to	stderr

       -V     Print version

       -k     Don't create block data table.  This table maps  each  block  to
	      the  file	that allocated it.  This option	will make this program
	      run faster.

       -h     Calculate	MD5 hash value for each	file and store	it  in	table.
	      This option will make the	program	run slower.

       -i imgtype
	      The  format  of  the  image file,	such as	raw.  Use '-i list' to
	      list the supported types.	 If not	given,	autodetection  methods
	      are used.

       -b dev_sector_size
	      The  size	 (in  bytes) of	the device sectors.  If	not given, au-
	      todetection methods are used.

       image [images]
	      The disk or partition image to read, whose format	is given  with
	      '-i'.   Multiple	image  file names can be given if the image is
	      split into multiple segments.  If	only one image file is	given,
	      and  its	name is	the first in a sequence	(e.g., as indicated by
	      ending in	'.001'), subsequent image segments  will  be  included

       To load image data from image.dd	to image.dd.db:

	    # tsk_loaddb ./image.dd

       Brian Carrier <carrier at sleuthkit dot org>

       Send documentation updates to <doc-updates at sleuthkit dot org>



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